Will FUN DIP Ever Be Healthy?

Isn’t it great when all of sudden something you loved but kept for special occasions is actually found to be good for you? Take dark chocolate for example. Up until a short time ago, chocolate of any kind was considered the kiss of death. But now, you SHOULD eat dark chocolate… Life can begin again! It’s got antioxidants and MUFA’s. ANTIoxidant? PRO-me!! MUFAs? Loofah me up!

So what about some of the joys from the 80’s? Growing up in a house where dessert was a peanut butter spoon, and sugar cereals had to be mixed in a 1 to 4 ratio with bran flakes, I long for the day when we find out the Kool-Aid kids down the street had it going on. I may be waiting a long time. Being an optimist, however, there must be something good about FUN DIP!? How about this: You’ve got diabetes, you’re on insulin, and you’re crashing… FUN DIP to the rescue!!!?

While sugary treats comprised solely of sugar and Red 40 may never get the green light, it’s comforting to know that there are a few strategies for satisfying your sweet tooth, preserving your health, and steering clear of the dentist’s office. (Yes, you can try the “everything in moderation” route, but when you’re indeed trying EVERYTHING in moderation–including street drugs–you may need to re-evaluate.) So, until further notice, get cozy with dried fruit, dark chocolate, and these scrumptious kitchen concoctions.

Need a dessert recipe healthified, or a more nutritious alternative to satisfy that Swedish fish addiction? Leave a comment, and I’ll work my magic.

2 thoughts on “Will FUN DIP Ever Be Healthy?

  1. Gail Cooley says:

    Well, FUN DIP is just that, FUN! Its a “special” treat, for “special” occasions. Like chocolate is to women FUN DIP is to a small child, you see it and say WOO HOO and indulge for just a moment!

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