Feeding Peter Piper, the Picky Pepper: Tip #2

How was that smoothie this morning? Sounds like you’re ready for finicky kid Tip #2:

Shred or purée veggies and put them in everything. Pasta sauce, pizza sauce, pancakes, banana bread, cupcakes, even cookies. The idea here is that they’ll get the nutrients from the veggies and their bodies will learn to love them through deception, inception, and misconception. The best veggies to sneak in are zucchini, yellow squash, kale, spinach, and carrots. Jerry Seinfeld’s wife Jessica actually put together a book of recipes like this called Deceptively Delicious. While i haven’t actually tried any of the recipes, she’s got some great ideas to help get healthy food into your kids’ pods.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Tip, and share your ideas for sneaking in the good stuff!

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