Top 10 Reasons to Eat Avocados

Photo Credit: Cyclonebill

What is it about the “alligator pear” that makes them so totally luscious, versatile, and hard to pass-up? Here’s a top 10 compiled by you, me, and some professional avocadists:

10. They’re the perfect baby food. Who doesn’t like baby food?
9.   They put the smooth in a green smoothie.
8.   They’re loaded with vitamin E, knocking out free radicals which can otherwise damage cells and DNA, and lead to wrinkles and cancer.
7.   Despite their high fat content (11 grams per half an avocado), they help to control weight and appetite because the fat is super digestible.
6.   Their color is pretty. Pretty foods make YOU pretty.
5.   They’re a yin food. Yin foods are cooling, calming, and nourishing.
4.   Guacamole, namely the kind that turns my husband into a cute version of profesh chef Bobby Flay. It uses onion, tomato, lime, and salt. And speaking of, about 53 million pounds of guacamole are eaten on both Super Bowl Sunday and Cinco de Mayo. That’s enough guac to fill a football field 5 feet deep from end zone to end zone.
3.   They’re a fantastic sandwich “moist-maker.”
2.   They’re heart-healthy, rich in cholesterol-lowering fats, potassium (60% more than bananas), B-vitamins, and essential fatty acids.
1.   They’re considered the world’s healthiest food, rich in 20 vitamins and minerals and all the essential amino acids. If you were stranded on a deserted, avocado-rich island, you would thrive until your rescue.

Other reasons to love avocado?

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