Refrigerator Purge and Organization

How to Purge and Organize Your Fridge

Hi, Kitchen Org Gurus! In episode 8 of the podcast, we continue on our kitchen organization journey from episode 7 as we tackle refrigerator purge and organization!

Say goodbye to expired condiments, disorganized shelves, and funky unidentifiable leftovers by using our simple tips. It’s so much easier to enjoy your time in the kitchen when you can find the things you need quickly. And, check out these handy dandy containers and labeling systems to get you started and keep your family on board too:

Clear Refrigerator Organizer Bin

Clear Refrigerator Bins – Set of 2

Chalkboard Labels for Fridge Bins

Velcro Stickies for Laminated Fridge Labels

18-Piece Glass Food Storage Container Set

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Share your favorite kitchen and fridge organization strategies with us–we’re still taking notes too! xo

Jen & Corinne

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