Getting Ready to Hit the Road on a 2-Week RV Adventure!

Hi friends! Jen here. While Corinne moves her family north to snow country (more on a podcast soon!), the Reilly family has been planning a 2-week RV trip. Next week we’ll fly into Denver, stay 1 night with our best pal Katrin, pick up a 30-foot RV (that’s two minivans!) and work our way through Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California, finally flying back home out of San Francisco 2 weeks later. On the to-do list for this week:

1. Doing the Walmart grocery order that will arrive in Denver with Katrin
2. Packing a mini kitchen that will fit in a suitcase
3. Picking 5 outfits for each kid and hiding them in a suitcase
4. Figuring out how we can keep the kids from fighting for 2 weeks with NO TV and in close quarters

Oh, we also need to bring bedding and pillows on an airplane for SIX people, which I jammed into 2 large duffel bags last week. We love you Southwest Airlines and your two free bag-ness.

Stay tuned… This is happening! And follow along here under the Travel tab.


4 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Hit the Road on a 2-Week RV Adventure!

    • namastenut says:

      Jen – Namastenut is me, Gerri, one of your most grateful nutrition clients from back in the day at Federal agency. I miss our visits! Love reading about your family adventures!

      • Jen Reilly says:

        Hi Gerri!! So glad you’re still online! I’m hoping to post every day of our trip… actually hoping Keller who is now 13 years old will do some video blogging too. Should be quite an adventure with lots of stories! Miss you 🙂 xo – Jen

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