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What in the world are we supposed to eat?!? And how are we supposed to get it where it needs to go? And then what about our pasta-only kids who somehow discovered sugar much earlier than we hoped for? So many questions with so many possible answers!

I’m Jen. Dietitian, mom of 4, vegetable pusher, water guzzler, and accidental expert in type 1 diabetes and making old diabetes supplies into jewelry and gadgets. I eat and feed my family, so why not start a blog? Originally, it was (still have and love that), but now that my kids know what swear words are, I’m going with Delish and Healthy-ish. However, I promise to remain the original Bitchin’ Dietitian. Not bitchin’ because I’m angry. Definitely not angry. More bitchin’ in a cool way, although my kids tell me that when I try to be cool, it makes it worse…so that’s good.

I’m here to help you eat simply and nutritiously, save pennies, find more freedom with healthy food, laugh while keeping your food IN your mouth, and figure out how to make today’s healthiest food news into tomorrow’s second breakfast.

I call the Washington DC area home, and I share that home with my darling husband who is always up for trying a new recipe (thank gosh!) and our 4 maniac kids. Two of our kids (Keller and Griffin) wear glasses and the other 2 (Jake and Annie) have type 1 diabetes which was diagnosed for both of them at age 2. If you’re in our family, you must either have issues with your eyes or issues with your pancreas. And because type 1 diabetes should have been cured by now, I’ve started a jewelry and gadget business called Jake and Annie’s Jewelry where I make goods out of the kids’ old diabetes supplies, sell them, and send 100% of the profit to finding a cure. If earrings and backpack charms can’t cure diabetes, what can?

When I’m not force-feeding my family beans and quinoa, checking someone’s blood sugar, and making jewelry out of trash, I’m running late to something, pretending to vegetable garden, or playing ultimate frisbee. My awesome daytime job is that I’m the Nutrition Director for Kris Carr – a wellness guru and master of all things plant-based and Crazy Sexy. Previously, I’ve done years of nutrition counseling at the Discovery Channel, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and Volvo, and was the Managing Director for The Cancer Project and a dietitian at PCRM.

Lucky for you, I’ve recently joined forces with my good pal Corinne who has 3 kids, laughs a lot, has a massive cookbook collection, and makes the most amazing kids’ birthday parties. Together, Corinne and I started the Healthyish Podcast with Jen and Corinne and an instagram account to share our tips, laugh about our kitchen and food fails, and help other families navigate the food world while still feeling like they’re doing just fine.

Subscribe to the podcast, follow instagram or email hello@DelishandHealthyish[dot]com to connect.

Wait, How did Bitchin’ Dietitian start anyway? 

Photo by: Pete Duvall,

There’s got to be a story, right? When I registered my car in Washington, D.C., my license plate was BD-9090. My boyfriend (now husband) and fellow acronym enthusiast said I got that plate because I’m the “Bitchin’ Dietitian.” We joked about it for years, and I finally started this blog in the Spring of 2010 after his encouragement and blessing. Thank you DC Motor Vehicles Association and Brian! If you love food, health, and most of all laughter, you’ve come to the right place. Cheers!



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