Getting Ready for the Holidays: Staying Healthy in the Chaos (Podcast #18!)

Getting Ready for the Holidays: Staying Healthy in the Chaos

Hey friends! How’s that holiday shopping going? Jen here. I’m determined to get all my shopping done by Halloween, but there are only 12 days left and I only have 1 stocking stuffer! Send help. 

Well, on another note, take a listen to podcast 18 where Corinne and I share our tips for keeping up with your healthy habits and avoiding sabotage this holiday season. We chat about how important it is to keep exercise in your day with yoga workouts (don’t forget your mat when you travel!) and walks, batch cooking healthy soups for quick veggie-ness when you’re buried in takeout leftovers and holiday cookies, staying hydrated and never slowing down your smoothie blender.

Take a listen and take our tips to heart. We can do this together!

Jen & Corinne


Getting Ready for the Holidays: Shopping! (Podcast #17)

Getting Ready for the Holidays: Shopping

Hi holiday celebrators! We’re back with more holiday prep tips in Podcast 17 where we talk about how, when, and where to shop for the holidays, and give ideas for homemade gifts for neighbors, friends, teachers and party hosts. We’re determined to make this holiday season simple, thoughtful and downright fun!

If you don’t have a chance to listen, I’ve summarized our tips here:

Tips on How to Shop for the Holidays:

  1. Make a list of who you need to buy presents for. Don’t forget teachers, coworders, host and hostess gifts, and some unexpected quick presents to give.
  2. Decide on a budget either per person or total, and try to stick with it.
  3. Put down as many ideas as possible for all the people on your list.
  4. Decide on your homemade present: a sugar scrub in a mini mason jar with coconut oil and peppermint oil? or 32-ounce mason jars filled with the dry ingredients for brownies plus instructions for which wet ingredients to add (one how-to here!).
  5. Make wish lists on Amazon or in a simple spreadhseet to share with family members.

Tips on When to Shop for the Holidays:

  1. Before Halloween! We can all try, right? Ok, that’s only 2 weeks away, but can you imagine? How about just the major presents and then you have November for stocking stuffers, homemade gifts and holiday cards?
  2. If you can’t get all your shopping done in October, at least try to get your list done and check a few purchases off your list. Buying early means you won’t be rushing with less thoughtful gifts toward the end.

Tips on Where to Shop for the Holidays:

  1. Amazon is great for wish lists, searches for “best toys for 8 year-old boys” and best sellers. But Amazon also has such fun ideas for stocking stuffers like these WikkiStix and figurine “Toobs” like these sets of safari animals, around the world monuments, vehicles, and even fruit and veggie toobs!
  2. The Mall is a dreaded, but a great option too. Try to go only once with your list for ideas, and set a time limit for yourself. I like to go early on in the season while the pickin’s are plenty and the crowds are few. My girls (ages 4 and 13) love anything from Claire’s and $5 Below.

We want to hear your tips too! Comment below with your favorite homemade gift ideas and holiday hacks!

Jen & Corinne


How to Make a Spooky Halloween Lunch

5 ways to create spooky Halloween lunches

Packing a fun holiday lunchbox doesn’t have to add more than a few minutes into your lunch-packing process. Here’s how we created a spookier spin on a simple and healthyish Halloween lunch…

5 ways to create a fun and simple Halloween lunch!

    1. Spider sandwich: Add pretzel sticks as legs to a PBJ (or nut-free option)—we cut out the circle shape with a ball jar rim, but you could just use the rim of any cup or small bowl. Two raisins were stuck on using peanut-butter glue.
    2. Eyeball crackers: Use tahini, hummus, or guacamole to stick half an olive on a round cracker.
    3. Witch’s fingers: Put a dab of hummus on the end of 5 Peas Please or veggie straws.
    4. Apple mummy: Wrap an apple in gauze and tuck two googly eyes under a piece of the wrap.
    5. Pumpkin carrots: Slice two small, shallow wedges length-wise to create a “stem. Then slice the carrot stick to create individual “pumpkins”.

Carrot pumpkin

Extra treat: Wrap your kiddos favorite kind of lollipop in a tissue, tie it with a ribbon or string and draw the mouth and eyes with a marker.

Halloween lunch ideas for kids

Happy Halloween!

Jen & Corinne

PS: Here are more tips on packing lunches for kids under 10 and for kids 11 and up!