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Jake & Annie’s Jewelry

Jake, age 3. Me, wearing his earrings

Jake, age 3. Me, wearing his earrings!

In March 2012, my 2 year-old son Jake was diagnosed with type 1 (juvenile) diabetes. I couldn’t help but notice the amount of waste that came along with managing diabetes, and some of it VERY funky. With 10-12 blood sugar tests a day, 4-5 insulin shots, and now, an every-three-days insulin pump site change, each week includes a build-up of insulin syringe caps, glucometer computer chips to match up with blood sugar testing strips, pump tubing, cartridges, blood sugar testing strip cannisters, and more!

Right from the beginning, I saved glucometer computer chips and the rest of the “garbage” to potentially upcycle (make into something even more valuable). Once we got in the groove of managing Jake’s diabetes, I began making the landfill-bound beauties into jewelry and other gadgets to sell so that I could give 100% of the profit to the JDRF for type 1 diabetes research. Jake and many many other fantastic humans deserve a cure!

Just a small snapshot of diabetes trash

Here is my gallery. Email me at JKRnutrition[at]gmail[dot]com to place an order or donate your very own diabetes garbage (since Jake no longer uses the Animas Ping, I really need used Animas Ping supplies!!! Please save them for me and I will pay for you to ship them! Thank you 🙂. For more info on diabetes recipes and other info, check my Bitchin’ Diabetes tab.



“Chips Anyone?” 4 X 6 Picture Frame, made from Accu-check testing strip chips: $15.00 ($12 to JDRF)

“Blue Sugar” 4 X 6 Picture Frame, made from Animas Ping cartridge set parts: $15.00 ($12 to JDRF)

“I Bleed for Cookies” Earrings: $10.00
Made from glucometer computer chips
$9.50 goes to the JDRF

“Insulin on Board” Earrings: $10.00
Made from full-size used insulin pump cartridges
$9.50 goes to the JDRF

“Pump it Up” Earrings: $10.00
Made from inner portion of insulin cartridge for Animas Ping
$9.50 goes to the JDRF

“Prime and Rewind” Earrings (filled with beads!): $10.00
$9.50 goes to the JDRF

Ornapods: Made from old Omnipod pumps: $5.00
$4.50 goes to JDRF

Backpods: Backpack charms made from old Omnipod pumps: $5.00
$4.50 goes to JDRF

Thank you! Love, Jake

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