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Nutrition Counseling with Jen “Fast Track” Package

Do You have a list of questions you need answered by a registered dietitian or need more one-on-one follow-up sessions? Check out Jen’s 30-minute “Fast Track” session option and email to schedule a time today!

Jen is not only a registered dietitian, but she’s had 20 years of experience doing nutrition counseling and teaching  cooking classes, 13 years of parenting, and countless years of sneaking veggies into peoples’ meals, and she has LOTS of ideas and answers! She’ll help you get to the bottom of your challenges and struggles, or give you some more tips and coaching for meeting your health goals.

Nutrition FOLLOW-UP or “Fast Track” Package:

Price: $97 (Register by clicking “Add to Cart” button above)

Have questions? email  

Here are a few of the things that Jen has helped people tackle and navigate:

If you want to gain clarity OR CONTINUE TO WORK ON YOUR health goals, this is for you.

Once you’ve purchased your session, Jen will email you to schedule a time for your 30-minute call. Check your inbox for a message!

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