Back to School: Weekend Meal Prep and Planning

Nothing slaps a parent or kid into shape like Back to School. It’s time to get back into routines, stop ordering out so much, stop sleeping in, start going to bed earlier, and start thinking about dinner before 8pm.

So, in episode 11 of the Healthyish podcast, Jen and Corinne share the importance of taking time on the weekends to plan and prep a few foods and meals to make the week MUCH easier—easier to survive without takeout food, with homework chaos, and with easy-peasy lunch packing. They also share school supplies shopping ideas and an idea for a budget-friendly anniversary dinner with kids. Join them as they swear by weekend prep to prevent overwhelm and insanity!

And for our fabulous 3-Day Weekend Prep e-guide, sign up for our mailing list on the right-hand column of the blog and we’ll send that your way. If we’ve wet your whistle, this “Lazy Lasagna” is a life-saver if you prepare one or two on the weekend. You can even construct one or two and stick them in the freezer to thaw and bake months down the road.

Share your favorite weekend food chores with us… what do YOU do with 10, 20, or 30 minutes on the weekend that makes your week of meals so much easier?!

Buried in casseroles,

Jen & Corinne

Feeding Picky Kids: Tips and a New Podcast

feeding picky kids healthy foods

Before having kids, I was an expert dietitian on feeding picky kids… or at least I thought I was! “Keep trying, offer them ONLY healthy things and they’ll have no choice but to eat the good stuff, they just WON’T go hungry, and all kids eventually love asparagus…” Did I really say all that? Thank gosh the universe gave me 4 kids to put me in my place. For real.

Check out this week’s Healthyish podcast episode on Feeding Picky Kids (Episode 4) where Corinne and I share our picky kid tips for making it through the meal without eyebrow-smeared peas and half the meal shoved under the chair cushions. Plus, Corinne talks about her love affair with her new monster mini muffin tin found here which may revolutionize baking in your household.

We share tips on leading by example, deconstructing meals for the whole fam, offering multiple veggies, and keeping healthy alternatives on hand for when you just have to give in. Here’s one more tip for feeding dinner to picky kids that we didn’t mention on the podcast, and it’s actually one of my favorites!:

No Food After 3:01 PM

Yes, they’re hungry and cranky, so feed them at 3PM, but no later. That 3PM snack can be crackers, cheese, hummus, a granola bar, whatever, but it must be done by 3:01. Do whatever you can to distract them, just drink liquids, or maybe chow on some apple slices or grapes between 3:01 and 6:00 so that they actually show up to the table in need of calories. Doesn’t everything taste better when you’re starving? I didn’t eat lunch until 2PM today and I couldn’t be bothered to heat it up, so I had cold veggie chili. I kid you not, the best meal I’ve eaten in my whole life. See?

Share your favorite picky kid tips in the comments below and let us know what you want to hear in future episodes!

In deconstructed cherry tomatoes,

Jen & Corinne

The Delish and Healthyish Podcast is Here!

owl podcast

Grab your earbuds, folks! My pal Corinne and I finally decided to hop on the microphone in order to share our crazy convos with the world. We’ve got 7 kids between us ages 1-12 and man have we seen the spectrum of glorious wins and disastrous fails while trying to feed our kids healthy food!

In our first 3 episodes, we chat about our nutty fams, our top 3 family meal planning tips, summer food, the ice cream truck, the Aldi shopping experience, car travel with kids, and keeping kids hydrated during sweaty summer months. Take a listen and let us know what you think!

We’re on iTunes and SoundCloud

Plus, here are episodes 2 and 3!

Oh, and because we’re newbie podcasters and can’t figure out how the pros put info in their “show notes,” here are the links to the awesome water bottles and mini muffin tins we chat about in Episode 1:

Water bottle set for the whole family. Revolutionary!
Set of two 24 mini muffin tins. Pure genius.

And check us out on Instagram to see our day-to-day tips and hot-off-the-press laughs.

In spilled smoothies and making all-gones with our cucumbers,

Jen & Corinne