Detox Day 1

Detox Day 1

7-Day Detox overview and guidelines here. Shopping List here

And… Go! Detox Day 1: Be Mindful, Set Goals (Jan 2013)

And We’re Off! Detox Day 1 with Green Apple Juice Video (Jan 2012)

Mango Summer Salad

Upon Waking (7:00 AM)
Large glass of filtered water with cucumber slices (in the water) and a dash of cayenne
Breakfast (8:00 AM)
Green-Apple Juice (Serves 1):
JUICER: 2 kale leaves, handful spinach, 1 stalk celery, small handful parsley, and 2 tart apples. Serve over ice.
BLENDER: Same recipe, but add 4-8 ounces water and a handful of ice.
Morning Snack (10:00 AM)
Herbal tea, 1 cup raspberries or other berries
1 Hour Later (11:00 AM)
Large glass of filtered water with cucumber slices (in the water)
Lunch (12:00 PM)
Mango Summer Salad (SKINNY DISH, page 112)
1 cup brown rice
Mid-Afternoon Snack (2:00 PM)
Large glass of filtered water with lemon wedge
Hummus with sliced veggies
Pre-Dinner Snack (4:00 PM)
Herbal tea; 15 raw almonds
Dinner (6:00 PM)
3 cups lightly steamed broccoli
½-1 cup cooked quinoa
½ cup cooked lentils
Filtered water
Before Bed (8:00 PM)
Chamomile or other herbal tea

And… how’d it go? How do you feel? Day 1 is the hardest–if you made it through, you can definitely conquer the rest! If you felt famished, add larger servings of food. You should feel light and free, but not STARVING 🙂

107 thoughts on “Detox Day 1

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Gail, you’re going to be fantastic!! Question though, don’t you start your new job on Monday? If so, be sure to bring some raw nuts, or even a few Larabars ( with you for extra energy on your commute. You can find them in the health food section of any grocery store or at TJ’s or Whole Foods. Good luck! 🙂 – Jen

  1. susandale says:

    Kris Carr .., whose site i love.., and where i met you ;-)), suggests running some water [ a 1/2 to 1 cup? ] through the juicer after juicing; you get lots more colored juice! it was her hubby who thought that up.
    i’m a day ahead of you.
    started yesterday.
    so far so good..,
    a few cheats: not as much rice.., added some non gluten oats when hungry;
    ate fewer nuts, tho usually i eat them a lot!
    had a glass of green juice leftover for today.
    couldnt bring myself therefore to make so much orange carrot juice this morning.
    and am adding a zuke and maybe some celery to soup, as i’m going to a women’s mostly veggie potluck tonight. maybe will also bring some kale salad.
    i carry a bottle of dilute juiced juice w/ me..,; hardest part is to drink all those fluids.
    my eating time of day starts so much later than yours.
    oh, and i add am and pm lemon water[ 1/2 squesszed lemon to 1/2 c or more water.] to the whole brew. it’s my constant.
    easy to adapt adapt. appreciate the idea, enthusiasm and support!

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Excellent juicy report! 🙂 Thanks for the water-through-juicer tip. Kris & Brian also “rejuice” their pulp–something I always forget to do! LOVE the lemon water idea too. Thanks again, and keep up the fantastic work! XOXO – Jen

      • susandale says:

        i save my juicer pulp sometimes., for a day or two.
        today i added a cpl of tbs to the carrot soup,
        often mash a cpl of tbs w/ avocado and add to salad dressings..,
        did last night.

  2. Melissa B says:

    I’m on the detox boat! Quick question- I work out pretty hard, should I be adding more protein and calories to each meal so I don’t get faint while working out? If so, what do you recommend? More nuts or add tofu to salads? Thanks! Hope everyone does well 🙂

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Hey Melissa B! Yes, add more caloric raw foods like raw nuts & seeds (which are great sources of protein) and avocado. Fruit can be great for quick energy, but just increase the food servings in general if you’re feeling low on calories or energy. Enjoy!! XOXO Jen

  3. Kerry says:

    Woohoo! Finished Day 1 and I feel great! I ended up spending half of the day at the vet with a sick cat and I am very proud of myself for not veering off course. Good luck everyone!

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Not a dumb question at all! I’ve had people say the hardest part of the Detox was eating all those cucumbers, and I was totally confused until I realized the “water w/ cucumber” was so unclear! You certainly *can* eat all the cucumbers, but they’re really just meant to flavor the water. You can go without them completely if you want 🙂 Good luck!! xoxo Jen

  4. rts says:

    All of the liquid made me feel really bloated and full all day. Is this normal? I had to force myself to eat dinner becasue I knew I needed the nutrients.

    • Jen Reilly says:

      How are you feeling now? People usually feel less bloated during the detox, but some of the veggies and beans can be gassy if you’re not used to them. Make sure you’re eating/ drinking slowly and keep me posted! XOXO Jen

      • Rts says:

        I feel much better today! Over the weekend the times I was eating/drinking were more spread out so I wanted to see how today went. I didn’t drink as much water at the 2:00 time but other than that everything has been the same and I feel great! Before this detox I ate mostly vegan with some seafood thrown in from time to time so the biggest change for me was not eating gluten and drinking all the water/tea!! I definitely think I’ll keep this up after the seven days and just let myself have bread occasionally.

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Dinner on Day 1 is meant to be 1 serving. The serving sizes and portions aren’t as strict on this detox as the types of foods you’re eating. It’s really hard to overdo it on raw, plant-based foods, so dig in! 🙂 – Jen

  5. Anthony Morris says:

    So glad I found an up to date detox method! Gonna be starting this in the morning. Thank you jen! So excited to get my juice on!

      • Anthony Morris says:

        Thanks already feel more energy with first meal. Im sure you have got this question before but can a blender substitute a actual juicer? Maybe with a strainer?

      • Jen Reilly says:

        Hey Anthony, You can use a blender in place of a juicer and then strain the juiced mess through a nut milk bag. Or, you can just add more water, blend, and try to drink it all! -Jen

  6. Jaime says:

    Anything we can put on the lentils to make them not be so boring? Or even the quinoa? I guess I could do Balsamic. Other ideas?

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Hey Sherrill, I somehow missed your question! The cucumber is just for flavor, so totally unnecessary. The lemon is actually slightly alkalinizing, which is a good thing. Hope you had fun! 🙂 Jen

  7. says:

    Hey curious, even though its a little late (as I’m finishing my lunch now) I didn’t’ realize the mango salad was actually 4 servings, I ate almost the entire thing O_O

  8. Juliette says:

    Almost at the end of Day 1 and I feel pretty good! But nighttime is usually snack time so I’m trying to stay strong. Is there somewhere to find guidelines about adding other foods back into your diet after Day 7? Thanks your site is great!

  9. Talia says:

    So, i am really picky…
    are there substitutes for the berry snacks and for the quinoa and lentils?


    • Jen Reilly says:

      Any fresh fruit will do instead of the berries, and rice & red beans instead of the quinoa/ lentils. Feel free to get creative within the detox guidelines! 🙂 Jen

  10. Soph says:

    Hey Jen.

    Is the green apple juice using kale leaves with the stem, or without it? Based on our meeting this past Wednesday, I think I might start this detox on this Monday (6/24) or the following Monday.


  11. annie says:

    Hello! So happy that I found this. Thank you! I enjoy eating veggies but having a really hardtime putting into my smoothies or juice. Is that okay put green powder instead of actual veggies? I have Vega protein smoothies which has 2 servings of veggies.


    • Jen Reilly says:

      Hey! It’s ok to use powders, but there’s nothing like raw veggies, so you may try a mild green like spinach—just a small handful—in your smoothies along with the Vega. If you have a good blender that will pulverize all of it, that’s best 🙂 Happy healthy eating! – Jen

  12. Angela says:

    I LOVED the green juice this morning! It was so delicious – Thank you!

    I was wondering…I notice that some of the smoothies have green poweder and some don’t. Is there an advantage to putting it in all of them….or is it pointless because there is only so much our body can absorb at a time?

    • Jen Reilly says:

      To be honest, I usually skip the green powder. It’s optional for an extra punch of immune-boosters for someone who doesn’t eat a lot of veggies. I add it only if I’m doing a smoothie and don’t have any greens on hand. xoxo

  13. LauraC says:

    I didn’t get my act together before this week to properly prep for the detox but I really want and need to try it. I plan to start Mon 1/13. Thank you for making this available.

  14. Caitlin K says:

    Starting this for the first time tomorrow and I’m beyond excited and a little bit nervous too. Thank you so much for posting such a great shopping list!

  15. Heather Wade (@HWookiee) says:

    Question: Are you assuming that one person is eating one serving for any recipe that’s made? For example, one of the salad on day one, and only one pupusa on day three, even though the recipe makes more?

    The salad plus the brown rice just seems like a lot of calories! I’m doing this with my partner, though, so I am glad most of the recipes seem to be doubled. 🙂

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Hey Heather, You’re right — the detox food made is often multiple servings, so just adjust the recipe if it’s just you (as it sounds like you’ve done!). Hope it went well! – xoxo Jen

  16. sandhya says:

    Hey. I started a detox plan today. Had 1 large glass of water. Made two large glasses of juice from 3 carrots + 1 beetroot + 1 small tomatoe. . Lil ginger n salt . Plan to drink it up by lunch. From lunch I am going to start ur plan. It was a Lil inprompto so bit of a mix. Dint wanna miss a day until I settled for a suitable plan.

  17. Megan says:

    I’m planning on starting this detox on Monday. I ordered pizza on Friday night and just felt so ICK afterwards and I thought “What am I doing?” Time to change my eating lifestyles. I’m already gluten and dairy free out of necessity (IBS) but having those limitations doesn’t necessarily mean eating healthy, whole foods. So, time for a change, and your plan seems the easiest to follow, and I get to eat real food, rather just drink juice (which I’m pretty sure would make me faint if I couldn’t eat solids at all)!
    Question: I’m a teacher (grade 1/2) and so I’m up early but then my eating times are pretty scheduled around the kids. Any suggestions?

  18. Belinda says:

    Hello from Australia were my partner and I have just completed day one!

    Some background. 29yo female, 56kg with dairy allergies (the kind that causes breakouts and sinus problems) and 30yo male, 85kg with sensitivity to preservatives which tends to hit him after it builds up in his system as well as dairy allergies that cause sinus problems. We are going overseas in four weeks and want to be fit and healthy.

    We ‘pre-toxed’ from caffeine however I am a one a day tea drinker and he a one a day coffee drinker. We are combining the detox with a 7 day Carusso’s detox pack.

    We started the day blending the green apple juice out of laziness (didn’t want to get out the juicer if we could avoid it) but found it very thick and gluggy with this method so the juicer is now out and ready for use. Quite enjoyed the lunch and made the full batch with the intention of using the leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch again with the brown rice.

    Dinner wasn’t very appealing and it is the meal we have dreaded the most and therefore it really didn’t live up to our dreadful expectations, last few mouthfuls were hard as it is very filling! We did cheat slightly by adding turmeric and cumin to the lentils for flavour.

    So on that note I question the use of spices and herbs for flavour. Is this a no no or are their good and bad options (I did look up ‘detox spices’ before we settled on adding turmeric and cumin for the lentils) because it would have been unpalatable without.

    One other question, I have had to sub pinto beans for cannelini beans as I just couldn’t get pinto beans and I can’t get my hands on soy beans/edamame. Do you have a substitute or can I leave them out and the guacamame will just have to be guacamole.

    No headaches so far, a little lethargic and the bowel cleanse is doing its job but other than that we are doing well and awaiting day two! Looking forward to the yummy mango salad again and the beautiful looking soup!

    Belinda (and Jason)

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Hello Belinda & Jason! Sounds like you did well on the Detox! To answer your spice Qs, YES, please spice things up! Turmeric & cumin have anti-inflammatory properties so use them whenever you want 🙂 And you can definitely sub out beans and use other beans or lentils, no problem. Have a great trip!! xoxo

  19. sabrinabrooks says:

    I am wanting to start the detox on Monday so I am beginning the prep tomorrow. My question is, is it ok to repeat recipes through out the week? I don’t have the time nor money to buy and prepare so many different recipes for 7 days. I tend to make a batch of food on Sundays and pack lunches/grab dinners from that and then make a single meal here or there for variety. Is that possible on this detox or is it necessary to stick with this meal plan? Thank you!

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Absolutely! I end up eating very similar meals from day to day, just to make it easier. I put a lot of variety in the detox in case people didn’t like certain meals. Good luck! – Jen

  20. Kristy says:

    Finished day 3, almost lost 1 kg. Loved the Mango salad and never hungry, love the big servings, which I have leftovers for lunch the next day. Good to see a vegan detox plan that allows brown rice, lentils and beans. After the detox, going to eat this way for 6 days a week. Keep up the good work!!

  21. Crystal says:

    Can I substitute some things? I don’t like……..
    Quinoa. Lentils. Hummus. And I can’t handle black table pepper, let alone cayenne pepper!!! Lol

      • Shweta says:

        Hey its really difficult for me to prepare different food everyday! So can i just workout the same plan of eating for the 7 days ?
        Like just green juice for the breakfast,mid day snacks can go with nuts and fruits,for lunch i can have salad,mid evening again fruits and for dinner salad with boiled pulses and have plenty of water for the whole day.
        Please let me know if i can have it all and give it a start because i am really fed up from my weight. Thanks

      • Jen Reilly says:

        Of course, Shweta! I do the same. Basically 7 days repeated with a green smoothie, raw nuts and fruit, a green salad with beans, hummus/veggies, lentil soup and salad, and lots of water. Have fun! – Jen

  22. Daniel Beaudoin says:

    This is great, thank you for the guide and daily plan! This question has been asked above; I ride my bike and walk a lot; I usually use carbs for fuel. What can replace the carbs? Thanks.

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Hi Daniel,

      Use fruits, sweet potatoes, and whole grains that aren’t gluten (millet, brown rice), and rely on raw nuts/seeds for sustained fuel.

      Hope that helps! – Jen

  23. Ash says:

    Holy goodness! I can’t believe how full and satisfied I feel with it being 7 p.m.! I couldn’t even eat all of the dinner (and I even ran a 5k today).
    This is such a great plan. I’m excited to do this cleanse (with my husband even!) and then permanently incorporate some of the meals into our week.
    The only negative was I did get a slight headache at around 5, which I’m sure was part of the sugar and gluten withdrawal. I chugged some water and gave myself a ten-minute head massage and then it went away. I bought some magnesium to help with this.

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Happy to hear it, Ash! Hopefully the headaches have cooled off and you’re feeling fantastic. Enjoy how awesome it is to get away from processed and energy-zapping foods. Keep it up! 🙂 xo Jen

  24. Joanne cummins says:

    Hi, I’m on day 1. Just wondered if you can add anything to the lentils/quinoa. It’s a little bland – shall I just persevere?

  25. Yianna M says:

    Does it matter what time of day you have your meals or did you just put that because it was when you had your meals?

  26. Alexandria says:

    Hi I have wanted to detox for so long but as a single mum healthy food is very expensive, but I really want to do this one, is the something I can have instead of the cup of berries? Like maybe a cup of grated carrot?

  27. healthymehappyfamily says:

    I want to try this. I am already vegan but I want to get off of the vegan junk food. Also, I am type two diabetic. So I want to be careful. What are some tips to keep my sugars from going too low, oh and I’m on a pretty tight budget. Thanks!

  28. Leanne says:

    Hi. Your 7 day detox has reached the Turks & Caicos Islands. I did my shopping today and will start tomorrow and my accountability partners start on Monday…. Almond butter is $20.95 for an 8 ounce jar so I opted not to get it……eating healthy is VERY expensive here in the islands but I made up my mind that I am worth it.

  29. Emily says:

    My husband and I just started this morning! We decided to adopt a plant-based diet and we’re so glad we found this detox plan to get us started! Thank you!

  30. Sarah says:

    Hi there,
    I’m looking to start this plan but I’m allergic to apples and pears. What would you recommend as a substitute?

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Hi Sarah! For snacking, you could have any fruit — ideally the lower sugar ones like blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries. For green juices, 1/2 cup grapes or try to just use lemon and carrots for sweetness. Let me know if you get stuck anywhere else! xo

  31. Margaret Kaiser says:

    I have a roommate who is deathly allergic to nuts, so I cannot have them in the room. Are there any substitutes that would work instead?

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Hi there! Sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds can all be substituted for nuts. And then sunflower seed butter or tahini are great subs for peanut butter, almond butter, and other nut butters. Hope that helps! xo

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