Getting Ready to Hit the Road on a 2-Week RV Adventure!

Hi friends! Jen here. While Corinne moves her family north to snow country (more on a podcast soon!), the Reilly family has been planning a 2-week RV trip. Next week we’ll fly into Denver, stay 1 night with our best pal Katrin, pick up a 30-foot RV (that’s two minivans!) and work our way through Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California, finally flying back home out of San Francisco 2 weeks later. On the to-do list for this week:

1. Doing the Walmart grocery order that will arrive in Denver with Katrin
2. Packing a mini kitchen that will fit in a suitcase
3. Picking 5 outfits for each kid and hiding them in a suitcase
4. Figuring out how we can keep the kids from fighting for 2 weeks with NO TV and in close quarters

Oh, we also need to bring bedding and pillows on an airplane for SIX people, which I jammed into 2 large duffel bags last week. We love you Southwest Airlines and your two free bag-ness.

Stay tuned… This is happening! And follow along here under the Travel tab.