And….Go! Detox Day 1: Be Mindful, Set Goals

Kale Celery Green Apple Juice

Kale Celery Green Apple Juice

Feeling fantastic already?!?

Hope you got completely sick and tired of gluten yesterday and stocked up on all those raw foods. It’s game day!

To start out Day 1, here’s last year’s video of the Green-Apple Juice in a juicer (ignore my daughter who thinks she’s Inspector Gadget). I prefer this concoction juiced vs. blended, but blending is perfectly wonderful too. If you’re blending and you don’t have a Vitamix or a Blendtec, consider using a food processor for the veggies and apples, and then blending that concoction with the water and ice. It’s likely to slide down easier. And, you can also substitute one of this week’s smoothies for today’s green juice. Surprise!

Juice vs. Blend? What’s the difference and why the extra appliance? Check this quick info by my pal Kris Carr. She talks chlorophyll and alkalinity–it’s worth a read. My juicer is the Jack Lalanne Classic Juicer –a brand new hand-me-down gift, and it works just fine. It costs around $100 if you buy it from their website. Just an FYI. I tend to use my Vitamix daily (green smoothies, soups, hummus, dips), and my juicer weekly. Not saying that’s perfect, just what I do.

So, TODAY. Be mindful of every tea sip and food morsel — believe you me, that morning fruit is going to be the BEST FRUIT you ever ate! This day is by far the hardest, but you can absolutely do it. Don’t forget, however, that you can increase your serving sizes of detox food if you’re feeling like you’re really low on calories (starving, hunger pangs, spacey-ness). Add fresh fruit, raw nuts and seeds, or an avocado for quick, extra energy, and carry those with you just in case. If the detox meal plan is very different from your typical, then Day 1 is going to be a big eye opener. Embrace the change!

And think about your Detox Goals today. What do you want out of this? To ditch sugar cravings, increase veggie cravings, or lose weight? Are you hoping to grow wings and fly by Day 7? Keep me posted!

And finally finally, you should have more energy today than you’re used to. Laugh louder, smile harder, and type more. I want updates in the Comments section.

Green juice cheers!