St. Patty’s Day Week: Green Food #1: TJ’s Seaweed Snack

Photo by: Deana Gunn

St. Patrick’s Day chez Reilly is more festive than any other occasion, so we celebrate it the whole week. Take for example our breakfast this morning (March 14th): Green oatmeal and green soymilk on cereal. Good thing we’re head to toe in green clothing as we’ve learned that foods with extra food coloring usually end up in our laps.

In honor of green foods, and since I haven’t been posting our recent new food creations (they’ve become top secret for my new Trader Joe’s cookbook, which you’ll be able to see in print in November!), I’ll be posting a new favorite GREEN food each day this week. Today’s snack would make St. Patrick, RD (the dietitian sibling) VERY proud: Trader Joe’s Roasted Seaweed Snack. I (thankfully) picked up 3 of these new creations at TJ’s last night. They were on sale for $0.99 each and who doesn’t like roasted, seaweed, or snacks? No risk in buying 3, and hallelujah, since we were down to 1 package within 10 minutes of my arrival home.

What the critics said:
Bitchin’ Dietitian: “I can’t eat these fast enough!” (and completely inhaled 1 entire package consisting of “2” servings)
Bitchin’ Husband: “These are stinky. And they taste like fish.” (Victory for Bitchin’ Dietitian!)
5-Year-Old: “THESE ARE SO GOOD!!!” (and completely inhaled 1 entire package minus what 3-year-old brother grabbed)
3-Year-Old: “Yum! Kellllerrrr!!?! Save some for me!”
1-Year-Old (if he could talk): “I’ll have one. Ooh, look at this thing crumble up into a static mess on the carpet! Another please!”

What green snacks help YOU celebrate the Irish life?

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