5 Mindless Ways to Drop Calories

Skimping on portion sizes is an unexciting and semi-painful way to reduce calorie intake. So, along with towering your plate with veggies and eating them for hours on end to encourage health and weight loss, here are foods you can swap out to drop 240 calories a day:

1. Replace skim milk with original flavor almond milk (such as Almond Breeze): Save 50 calories per cup (go hard-core with unsweetened almond milk and save 65 calories per cup)

2. Replace beef or chicken taco meat with soy chorizo (like the incredible one at Trader Joe’s): Save 45 calories per 2.5 ounces and gain 4 grams of fiber

3. Replace 3 tablespoons sugar with 2 tablespoons agave nectar (agave is sweeter than sugar, so this swap is equal in sweetness): Save 25 calories

4. Replace honey wheat bread with double fiber bread: Save 40 calories per slice and gain 5 grams of fiber

5. Replace marinara sauce with tomato sauce (adding dried basil and oregano for flavor): Save 80 calories per cup

Not too hard, right? 14 days of these simple swaps, and you’ve lost 1 pound!

2 thoughts on “5 Mindless Ways to Drop Calories

  1. katie says:

    I love this post- I’ve read it twice now! Great ideas not only to cut calories, but also eat more healthfully.
    Here’s a couple more calorie cutter tricks that I use:
    – add a dollop of nonfat plain yogurt in place of sour cream to top off a baked potato or in place of mayo in tuna(or tofu) salad
    – use apple sauce in place of oil in baked goods like brownies, etc
    – skip the crust when eating pie or quiche
    Take care!

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