Apples and Pears for Stroke Prevention

Photo by: DeusXFlorida

Yes, Dr. Oz was in the news today for unjustifiably instilling unnecessary panic about arsenic in apple juice. But this is not about that.

There was also news today from the Journal of the American Heart Association that risk of stroke incidence was 52% lower for people with a high intake of white flesh fruits and veggies (apples, pears, bananas, cauliflower, chicory, and cucumbers) compared to people with a low intake. The study was done comparing fruits and veggies broken down into color groups, and apples and pears made up 55% of the white flesh group. For every 25 gram per day increase in white fruits and vegetables (equivalent to about 1/5 of an apple), there was a 9 percent lower risk of stroke.

So think no more that just because apples and pears aren’t deep green and vibrant orange, they don’t have it (disease prevention) goin’ on. That little old saying may not be far from the truth afterall: An apple or pear a day keeps the stroke doc away. Enjoy one sliced on your hot cereal in the morning, or blended in your green smoothie. Cheers!

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