Thanksgiving Countdown: Hearty Lentil Loaf & Chili Lime Sweet Potatoes

It’s thrilling to see all the healthy and even more delicious versions of traditional Thanksgiving fare floating around this year, especially those in the New York Times: Chloe Coscarelli’s hearty Curried Lentil, Squash, and Apple Stew, Country ‘Meatloaf’ with Golden Gravy, and Pumpkin Tiramisù, and Kris Carr’s own “Crazy Sexy Thanksgiving” including Pumpkin Bisque, Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Pistachios and Cipollini Onions, Shaved Fennel and Apples With Wine-Pickled Onions, Toasted Pecans and Mandarin Vinaigrette, Seitan Piccata, and Make Juice Not War Green Drink.

To add to the list, here are a couple more of my favorites straight out of Skinny Dish!:

Loafin' Lentils from Skinny Dish!

Loafin’ Lentils
Makes 8 servings (8 thick slices)
Prep time: 30 minutes
Hands-off cooking time 45 minutes, followed by 10 minutes to cool

This meatless meatloaf was adapted from the “Ultimate Vegan Lentil Walnut Loaf” by Angela Liddon, MA, of the popular, and she was inspired by Terry Walters “Clean Food” cookbook. It fills the comfort-food category with high marks, and makes a dandy partner for Sesame Greens. The ingredient list looks a little daunting, but it’s actually simple to prepare, and is well worth any extra effort. You’ll just wish you had made 2 loaves!

3 Tbsp flaxseed meal (ground flaxseeds), soaked in ½ cup warm filtered water for 10 minutes until a gel forms, or 3 Tbsp cornstarch dissolved in ½ cup warm water
¾ cup California Walnut Halves and Pieces, or other whole walnuts
1 Tbsp olive oil
3 cloves garlic, minced, or 3 cubes frozen Crushed Garlic
½ onion, finely chopped
1 carrot, shredded
½ green apple, unpeeled and shredded
¼ cup raisins
1 tsp salt
1 tsp dried thyme
1/8 tsp black pepper
2 slices whole grain bread such as Organic Soft Wheat, toasted and then processed in a blender or food processor to make crumbs, or ¾ cup breadcrumbs
1 (17.6-oz) pkg refrigerated Steamed Lentils
1 Tbsp additional flaxseed meal, or Just Almond Meal
½ cup All Natural Barbeque Sauce, or other barbeque sauce

1 Preheat oven to 350° F.

2 Roast walnuts on a parchment paper lined baking sheet for 6 minutes. Set aside, but keep oven on.

3 Meanwhile, in a large skillet over medium-high heat, heat oil and sauté onion, garlic, and carrot until tender, about 2-3 minutes. Add shredded apple, raisins, salt, thyme, pepper, and walnuts crumbled by hand into the skillet, and sauté another 2 minutes. Pour mixture into the mixing bowl with flaxseed meal and water mixture.

4 Process bread into breadcrumbs, and then add to the mixing bowl.

5 Process lentils so that ¾ of them are blended smooth, leaving some whole lentils. Add to mixing bowl along with additional tablespoon of flaxseed meal. Stir together. Taste test the mixture now… aren’t you excited for the finished product?!

6 Press firmly into a 5 x 9-inch loaf pan. Top with barbeque sauce, spreading it evenly over the loaf.

7 Bake for 45 minutes, and then let cool for 10 minutes before slicing.

8 Store leftovers in the fridge for up to 4 days or in the freezer for up to 2 months.

Per serving: 245 calories, 10.5 g total fat, 2 g saturated fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 652 mg sodium, 30.5 g carbohydrates, 8 g fiber, 10.5 g sugar, 9.5 g protein, 20.5% vitamin A, 4.5% vitamin C, 4.5% calcium, 18.5% iron

For Gluten-Free: Use gluten-free bread to make breadcrumbs

Chili Lime Sweet Potatoes from Skinny Dish!

Chili Lime Sweet Potatoes
Makes 3 servings
Prep time: 5 minutes
Hands-off cooking time: 40 minutes

My husband who isn’t much of a fan of “boring” sweet potatoes, finds this version surprisingly light, tangy, and completely unboring. Forget the marshmallow and sweetness of traditional Thanksgiving sweet potatoes and go sour and spicy!

4 small sweet potatoes, unpeeled, scrubbed, and cut into chunks
Juice of 2 limes, about 3 Tbsp
1 Tbsp agave nectar, maple syrup, or sugar
2 tsp chili powder
2 tsp grapeseed oil, or other vegetable oil
¼ tsp salt

1 Preheat oven to 350° F.

2 Place sweet potatoes in a 9 x 9-inch square baking dish.

3 In a small bowl, whisk together lime juice, agave, chili powder, oil, and salt.

4 Pour juice mixture over sweet potatoes and stir so all potatoes are well-coated.

5 Bake for 40 minutes, until sweet potato chunks are tender.

6 Store leftovers in the fridge for up to 5 days.

Per serving: 130. calories, 3.5 g total fat, 0.5 g saturated fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 240 mg sodium, 25 g carbohydrates, 3.5 g fiber, 12.5 g sugar, 2 g protein, 106.5% vitamin A, 33.5% vitamin C, 3.5% calcium, 6.5% iron

Perfect topped off with the dairy-free Pumpkin Pie! Cheers to Thanksgiving, autumn veggies, and health!

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