Happy National Chocolate Cake Day!

Orange Chocolate Cake from SKINNY DISH!

What a great reason to force yourself into some chocolate heaven today! Try this easy Orange Chocolate Cake with added vanilla frosting–it’s low in fat and calories, cholesterol-free, and has just a few ingredients. Need an extra chocolate kick? Throw in a half cup of chocolate chips. Happy chocolating!

For more dietitian-approved desserts, check my recipe page here. I’m already gearing up for National Brownie Day, December 8th.

7 thoughts on “Happy National Chocolate Cake Day!

  1. Joanne Irwin says:

    Your “Skinny Dish” cookbook is beyond fabulous. Love it. Just sent a copy to my daughter who called today to say, “It arrived”, and she’s already planning tonight’s family dinner around it. Each recipe I’ve tried is awesome. Keep your recipes coming, Jen. I’m off to bake the orange chocolate cake for hubby.

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