7-Day Detox Starts January 7th!

Green juice
Join in on the fun! Whatever your reason: holiday recovery, German potato salad detox, or because 2013 is YOUR year. Starting on Monday, January 7th, I’ll be doing it, leading it, and cheerleading you through my mild 7-day detox. New recipe alternatives and juice and smoothie concoctions. Are you in?!

13 thoughts on “7-Day Detox Starts January 7th!

  1. Geraldine Fehst says:

    Jen –
    I am IN! Probably should start before Jan 7 given all the butter and sugar I have consumed in the month of December, but I can wait and I can get ready. Thanks – I look forward to it. . .


    • Jen Reilly says:

      Hooray, Gerri! You can always jumpstart the reboot and we’ll catch up with you! Btw, I’ve been loving green tea lattes as a coffee substitute in the morning. 1-2 Tbsp sweet green matcha (powder, purchased at MOM’s in Rockville) whisked in a small saucepan over medium heat with 1 cup unsweetened soymilk. So good! Happy 2013! -Jen

  2. gfehst@comcast.net says:

    Thanks, Jen.  I’ll give that drink a try.  I am not looking forward to the no-coffee headache.  This should help.


  3. Karen G says:

    Perfect timing for me to start a detox with you! I really need this after the holidays.
    Thanks and looking forward to getting clean! 🙂

    Karen G

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