Detox Day 5: So Much Pee, So Little Time

Gavins Point Dam Release, Photo by: Omaha USACE

I know you’ve been saying it… “Didn’t I *just* pee?” You did! And you love it! Happy Day 5, potty partners. How did we get here so fast?!?

Frequent peeing is good. REALLY good. Here’s why: You’ve been dehydrated. When that happens, your body holds back water like a Dam. It thinks you’re in a drought situation, so it clings onto as many ounces as it can as a means of survival. This translates into a slower metabolism (body panic mode), inefficient kidneys, bloating, water retention, and a really bad holistic poker hand.

SO, by scarfing down tons of raw foods rich in H2O and drinking herbal tea and water all day long, every cell of your body celebrates. The Dam is lifted and away goes the bloating, body sadness, and the toxins that are purging themselves from your person while you detox. Guess I shoulda put toilet paper on the Detox shopping list!? You’ll also note that your pee is very light in color. Another reeeally good sign. You’re hanging on to the good nutrients and flushing your system of the bad. Hurray!

For more hydration excitement, check out one of my most popular posts from the past: The Water Solution: Younger Skin, More Energy, and Less Flab.

So, drink up. Tomorrow is the 2nd last day! Keep up the fabulous treatment you’re giving your precious body, and keep sharing your experiences! xoxo

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