How to Make a Spooky Halloween Lunch

5 ways to create spooky Halloween lunches

Packing a fun holiday lunchbox doesn’t have to add more than a few minutes into your lunch-packing process. Here’s how we created a spookier spin on a simple and healthyish Halloween lunch…

5 ways to create a fun and simple Halloween lunch!

    1. Spider sandwich: Add pretzel sticks as legs to a PBJ (or nut-free option)—we cut out the circle shape with a ball jar rim, but you could just use the rim of any cup or small bowl. Two raisins were stuck on using peanut-butter glue.
    2. Eyeball crackers: Use tahini, hummus, or guacamole to stick half an olive on a round cracker.
    3. Witch’s fingers: Put a dab of hummus on the end of 5 Peas Please or veggie straws.
    4. Apple mummy: Wrap an apple in gauze and tuck two googly eyes under a piece of the wrap.
    5. Pumpkin carrots: Slice two small, shallow wedges length-wise to create a “stem. Then slice the carrot stick to create individual “pumpkins”.

Carrot pumpkin

Extra treat: Wrap your kiddos favorite kind of lollipop in a tissue, tie it with a ribbon or string and draw the mouth and eyes with a marker.

Halloween lunch ideas for kids

Happy Halloween!

Jen & Corinne

PS: Here are more tips on packing lunches for kids under 10 and for kids 11 and up!

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