And the Winner is… Popeye!


Photo by: Norwichnuts

 In an effort to rename the Shrek Smoothie, I called on the creative masses in a bitchin’ competition. Every one of the entries was scrumptious, but the grand prize goes to Sir William Hesselton of Virginia. From here on out, we’ll be referring to the green spinach-laden smoothie as the “Popeye Smoothie” (Popeye Smooth-Eye!), or in back alleys as simply “The Popeye.” Our pipe-smoking buddy (we’ll talk smoking cessation later) got strong with the green leafy, and who doesn’t want to get strong? Kids, adults, and even kid-at-heart adults. Way to go, Will!

Don’t be sad if you’re not Will… keep in mind that if you’ve got a favorite name for the drink, there’s no reason why you can’t call it whatever excites you to drink it more often: Puce Juice, Shamrock Smoothie, Spanikolada, Four-Leaf Cocktail, Greenhouse, Shrekoothie, Jade Smoothie, Emerald Smoothie, Emerald Forest, Spartan Smoothie, Green-Tini, or Shrek on the Beach. Drink up, and cheers to life enriched with green goodness!

Contest: Rename the Shrek Smoothie & Win!

Photo by: Bitchin' Dietitian

Although i love Shrek and all his deliciousness, I never really liked the name of the Shrek Smoothie. It IS the perfect color of his epidermis, and the Shrek factor was meant to appeal to kids (which it does), but we need a new all-age-encompassing name. Enter your ideas in the Comments section and the winner will be chosen next Friday, October 8th. The winner will receive the next best thing to a new car… a free 60-minute nutrition counseling session avec moi! The session can be in person (if in the DC area), via Skype video phone, or just a simple phoner convo. A bitchin’ $100 value!