And the Winner is… Popeye!


Photo by: Norwichnuts

 In an effort to rename the Shrek Smoothie, I called on the creative masses in a bitchin’ competition. Every one of the entries was scrumptious, but the grand prize goes to Sir William Hesselton of Virginia. From here on out, we’ll be referring to the green spinach-laden smoothie as the “Popeye Smoothie” (Popeye Smooth-Eye!), or in back alleys as simply “The Popeye.” Our pipe-smoking buddy (we’ll talk smoking cessation later) got strong with the green leafy, and who doesn’t want to get strong? Kids, adults, and even kid-at-heart adults. Way to go, Will!

Don’t be sad if you’re not Will… keep in mind that if you’ve got a favorite name for the drink, there’s no reason why you can’t call it whatever excites you to drink it more often: Puce Juice, Shamrock Smoothie, Spanikolada, Four-Leaf Cocktail, Greenhouse, Shrekoothie, Jade Smoothie, Emerald Smoothie, Emerald Forest, Spartan Smoothie, Green-Tini, or Shrek on the Beach. Drink up, and cheers to life enriched with green goodness!

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