Back to School: Weekend Meal Prep and Planning

Nothing slaps a parent or kid into shape like Back to School. It’s time to get back into routines, stop ordering out so much, stop sleeping in, start going to bed earlier, and start thinking about dinner before 8pm.

So, in episode 11 of the Healthyish podcast, Jen and Corinne share the importance of taking time on the weekends to plan and prep a few foods and meals to make the week MUCH easier—easier to survive without takeout food, with homework chaos, and with easy-peasy lunch packing. They also share school supplies shopping ideas and an idea for a budget-friendly anniversary dinner with kids. Join them as they swear by weekend prep to prevent overwhelm and insanity!

And for our fabulous 3-Day Weekend Prep e-guide, sign up for our mailing list on the right-hand column of the blog and we’ll send that your way. If we’ve wet your whistle, this “Lazy Lasagna” is a life-saver if you prepare one or two on the weekend. You can even construct one or two and stick them in the freezer to thaw and bake months down the road.

Share your favorite weekend food chores with us… what do YOU do with 10, 20, or 30 minutes on the weekend that makes your week of meals so much easier?!

Buried in casseroles,

Jen & Corinne

Restaurants with Kids: Do It, Or Stay Home?

Restaurants with Kids: Do it or stay home?

Eating out with our kids is something we rarely do… it’s full-on chaos, expensive, and when we get home, half the kids are hungry. But, it *can* be fun, healthy-ish, and even enjoyable if you take this week’s podcast (episode 6!) tips to heart.

Take a listen and hear how Corinne and I navigate eating out with little ones, including ordering veggie sides and the kids’ food early, and bringing along fun things for them to do like these:

Peaceable Kingdom Games to Go

Melissa & Doug Sticker Pad

And! The awesome podcast book we keep mentioning is here:

  • Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Podcast and Book 

Share your restaurant kid hacks in the comments below. We’re always looking for more ideas too! 


Jen (& Corinne)