Restaurants with Kids: Do It, Or Stay Home?

Restaurants with Kids: Do it or stay home?

Eating out with our kids is something we rarely do… it’s full-on chaos, expensive, and when we get home, half the kids are hungry. But, it *can* be fun, healthy-ish, and even enjoyable if you take this week’s podcast (episode 6!) tips to heart.

Take a listen and hear how Corinne and I navigate eating out with little ones, including ordering veggie sides and the kids’ food early, and bringing along fun things for them to do like these:

Peaceable Kingdom Games to Go

Melissa & Doug Sticker Pad

And! The awesome podcast book we keep mentioning is here:

  • Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Podcast and Book 

Share your restaurant kid hacks in the comments below. We’re always looking for more ideas too! 


Jen (& Corinne)

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