Kitchen Organization: Minimizing Utensils, Clearing Clutter, and Zen-ifying Your Space


Eating well in a disorganized and cluttered kitchen is next to impossible. In episode 7 of the Delish and Healthyish podcast (listen on iTunes here), Jen and Corinne talk about how they decluttered, downsized and organized their kitchens to cut down on food prep time and make their spaces more zen. By donating extra spatulas, mismatched glasses, extra mixers, cutting boards, unused appliances and creating “zones,” you too can enjoy your space and cut down on time looking for your can opener. 

Check out these links for some awesome space-savers and kitchen organization tools:

Inside Cabinet Door Paper Towel Holder 

Door or Wall Ziplock, Foil and Wrap Rack 

Pan and Pot Organizer

Interlocking Drawer Organizer Bins 

Adjustable Drawer Dividers 

Cheers to taking a deep dive into your kitchen clutter. Share in the comments your favorite kitchen organization hacks!


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