Band Members

While Bitchin’ Dietitian Jen Reilly (or Jennifer K. Reilly, RD for future employers) sings acapella on most songs, a couple stylish musicians occasionally accompany her. On the harmonica and banjo….

Sasha Britton

Sasha is a fitness guru and writer with the outreach team at Gym Source in NY, NY. She has written about a variety of beauty, health and wellness topics, all of which she enjoys connecting to nutrition and fitness. She teaches Pilates in her free time, and loves her active (and newly vegan) lifestyle both in and out of the gym. When not writing or exercising, she can be found working on home projects and decorating. She can be reached at sashab[at]gymsource[dot]com. Check out Sasha’s Muscle Meals post.

Kate Flaherty

Kate is an outreach and awareness coordinator for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.  She’s passionate about complementary therapy and cancer education. Check what Kate has to say about Organic Foods Fueling Cancer Recovery.

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