Welcome Back, Instant Mashed Potatoes

I've missed you

Thanks to the Atkins Diet and other high glycemic food phobiatics, white potatoes have gotten a bad rap. “You don’t need to quit the turkey legs and hot dogs, it’s those potatoes that are doing you in.” Well, I’m here to not only give white potatoes immunity, but to also let you know that in order to eat more of them more often, Potato Buds and the like can return to your shopping list. I do happen to be married to an Irish enthusiast and also happen to have mashed potatoes on my Top 5 Favorite Foods list, but this is pure nutrition science here.

It’s true. White potatoes without the skin in pure isolation DO have a high glycemic index (meaning the carbohydrates turn into sugar very quickly in your bloodstream). So, for those of you who pound skinless white potatoes without any other food in your meal, you may be in trouble. But, for the other 100% of the population, adding some high-fiber foods along with those white potatoes and keeping the fatty potato condiments down, you may actually benefit from eating white potatoes.

Here’s how: Add a generous amount of frozen chopped spinach and garlic to your mashed potatoes. This will not only further satisfy the Irish in the house, but also the nutritionists. Spinach is essentially flavorless and garlic is wonderfully flavorful, so kids will even enjoy this combination. And, when following the instant potato instructions, skip the butter part and use a touch of olive oil instead. You can even earn extra points by using an unsweetened non-dairy milk or water instead of the regular milk.

Or. How about a heaping side of steamed vegetables next to those mashed potatoes? Yum. And if you do want to make mashed potatoes from scratch, leave the skins on — that will add a ton of fiber, some crunch, and if you don’t wash them well enough, maybe even some vitamin B12-rich soil.

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  1. Charline says:

    Great job Jen-ta-fer!!! I am so proud of you! (sorry) WE are so proud of you. You know who doesn’t want to be left out.

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