Gastronomique Trifecta

It’s 3:00 and you’re feeling slunky. You just can’t bear to sift thru another reply all message, let alone finish the project that is due in 2 hours. And all you can think about is what’s in the vending machine. Well. Perhaps it’s time for the weekend, or maybe you just didn’t ingest a serving of all 3 of the essential life-giving foods today: peanut butter, broccoli, and dark chocolate. With a good night’s sleep and these 3 foods daily, you will not only be able to conquer all moments of slunkishness, boredom, and monotony, but you’ll actually enjoy them. And if you didn’t get a good night’s sleep, this is your best chance of survival.

Not only do all 3 foods taste fantastic, but there’s actually science to support this 3-food mantra. Peanut butter (preferably the natural kind) contains healthy fats and plant protein to leave you satisfied for 2-3 hours. It also sparks the production of serotonin which makes you feel calm and on top of the world. Oh, 3 hours of filing? And you’re going to pay me?!!

Broccoli has plant protein and filling fiber, but also has a ton of disease-fighters and immune-boosting compounds, so it’s like life insurance. How in the world else would you be able to slog thru the monotony if you weren’t immortal?

Dark chocolate has a mild caffeine pick-me-up effect, but also contains life-extending antioxidants, thus furthering your invincibility. And, the bittersweetness of chocolate actually triggers your brain that it’s time to stop eating. This will help banish vending machine thoughts and clear your mind for fully focused task completion.

So, when you see the afternoon fog roll in, think not about corn chips and oreos, but whether or not you’ve honored the holy trinity.

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