Eat Like You’re Pregnant, Exercise Like You’re Not

Guys listen up too. I’ve noticed this more often than not: Women in their pregnant state are more likely to eat veggies and other healthy fare than when they’re eating solely for themselves. (They also have no problem justifying the key lime pie with extra whip, but we’ll leave that for another entry.) People tend to err on the side of invincibility. But when a little human is depending on them, they often reach for power at the salad bar. So, pretend for a moment that you’re building a being. Because in reality, you really DO need to build a being—a better and more nutritious you! Imagine every bite you take contributes to your “mini-me.” Which would the “baby” prefer… the mango wheatgrass smoothie or the caramel macchiato? You got it. Poof! You just made yourself an improved lymphatic system! Chlorophyll keg stand!!

Now when it comes to exercise–lucky for you–your “pregnant” state isn’t physically debilitating, nor will you be putting your mini-me at risk. So, not only can you sneak exercise into every possible corner of your existence… e.g.  jack-jumping your way through Direct Buy and Pillow Pet commercials, scaling the stairs rather than standing in awkward silence in the elevator, conference-calling from your cell phone while lapping the office building, and butt-squeeze repping while sitting in traffic… But you can also treadmill or bike yourself into a tizzy after work. Afterall, don’t you feel like a pony when you sweat?

Give this mindset a try. Get in touch with your maternal ethos and Grow, Baby Grow. Then Perspire, (no) Baby Perspire. Did it work?

One thought on “Eat Like You’re Pregnant, Exercise Like You’re Not

  1. Gail Cooley says:

    Hey Jen,
    Missed this post from the 1st of Aug. With where my weight is now, I’ve actually told myself and others, its like carrying around a first grader! So, I want to get rid of the “mini me”! Great advise though for anyone.

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