Broccoli Crosses Party Lines: Bill Clinton Goes Tofu

Photo by: World Economic Forum

While George HW Bush may have been anti-broccoli, George W was a floret lover. And now Bill Clinton is declaring his love for green veggies and their ability to reverse heart disease.

Bill may not have made the best lifestyle choices last millenium, including his decision to continue downing donuts and fries after Hillary enlisted heart disease reversal doc Dean Ornish in 1993 to overhaul the White House menu–this move landed him in the OR for a quadruple bypass in 2004. But, after that surgery and then having 2 stents implanted last year, he decided to get drastic and Go Totally Tofu. Now, he’s dropped 20 lbs and has never felt better. Check out his CNN interview or the NPR recap 1 year after his decision to eat a totally plant-based diet (except for a bite of turkey on Thanksgiving….).

If Bill can do it, so can you! Recipes here.

3 thoughts on “Broccoli Crosses Party Lines: Bill Clinton Goes Tofu

  1. Get Skinny, Go Vegan. says:

    This is SO great. Because whether people LOVE or HATE him, I think that his heart is doing better will get attention. Lots of people are in similar circumstances and they aren’t going to care if they hate him. They are going to see that the stents don’t work and that something so much simpler, in some ways, does. Love that the world is changing so very quickly now.

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