Skinny Dish! is HERE!

Dear Health Champions,

Today I’m proud to announce the official launch of my Trader Joe’s-inspired cookbook and nutrition guide, Cooking with Trader Joe’s Cookbook: Skinny Dish! This book will eternally set you free from lengthy meal prep and calorie-counting as you back-flip through quick, mouth-watering veggie dishes, learn “The Five Rules of Skinny,” and wow your family and friends with your new profesh chef skills… laughing all the way.

So, if you haven’t done so already, cartwheel yourself over to Amazon this week and snag a copy.  Together we can hit the bestseller lists! Here’s how else you can help:

Get it while it’s hot. Save on shipping and grab a copy for aunt Shirley, uncle Fred, and even total strangers. When to buy? This week! Oct 17-22. I’m confident that the metabolic-boosting tips, detoxing plan, and 90+ easy breezy recipes will be one of the best holiday presents you can give yourself and your posse. And, don’t feel left out if you’re not a Trader Joe’s shopper or don’t have a TJ’s nearby—the recipe ingredients can all be found at your local grocer. Extreme couponers too!

Spread the word. Share news about Skinny Dish!’s arrival on Facebook, Twitter (use #SkinnyDish and see sample tweets and status updates below), or write a review on your own site. Copy and paste this link as you share:

DC-Area folks. Join me at Barnes & Noble in Georgetown this Friday at 7:00 PM for a recipe-tasting and book-signing extravaganza. Or, bring your copy to Capital City Cheesecakes in Takoma Park, MD on Sunday, November 6th at 1:00 PM (during the Farmers Market) for another scrumptious tasting and signing. More options? Check ‘m out here.

Thank you in advance! I hope you enjoy the full-page photos, fun side of healthy eating, and scrumptious grub as much as I do!


Sample Tweets:

Ta da! #Skinny Dish! is finally here! Grab a copy & enjoy the road 2 simple slimdom thx 2 @DCdietitian :

Tired of dieting & rebounding like a killer whale? Snag #Skinny Dish! by @DCdietitian & never rebound again!:

Need simple & delish ways 2 dive into beans & veggies? Snag newly released #SkinnyDish by @DCdietitian 2day!

Sample Status Updates:

Dietitian Jen Reilly’s “Skinny Dish” is finally out! Order your copy today and start craving veggies like a wild tiger!

Just ordered “Cooking with Trader Joe’s Cookbook: Skinny Dish!” by nutritionist Jen Reilly. Can’t wait to try the simple, healthy masterpieces!

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