Low-Junk, High-Veggie Childhood Diet = Better Adult Health

Child wisely chooses a plum over an albeit healthy homemade donut, while wearing a DISC-related shirt

Seems obvious, no? A child who eats lots of fruit, veggies, brown rice, quinoa, and lentils is likely to be a healthy adult, right? Yes, it’s obvious. But the coolest thing that has just come out of the DISC Study (Dietary Intervention Study in Children) is that a mere moderate increase in high-fiber foods and moderate decrease in high-fat and high-saturated fat foods during childhood and adolescence appears to have a significantly positive impact on how soon and how fast age-related health changes happen in adulthood.

So, the occasional salad bar-eating kid is likely to have better blood pressure and blood sugar control well into adulthood compared to the kid who goes for fries and chicken cosmos every day. While kids seem more resilient to fatty foods, their health destiny is being planned.

Small changes, big results. For ways to get veggies and other fibrous grub into your kids, check here.

2 thoughts on “Low-Junk, High-Veggie Childhood Diet = Better Adult Health

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