Detox Day 7: Superfoods for Superyou!

Can you believe it’s the last day? What a super journey this has been! Now that you’re accustomed to inhaling so many of nature’s powerfoods (berries, quinoa, broccoli, kale, spinach, beans, lentils…), I thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce a few of the not-so-common ones so you can consider taking your newly found health one step further. What you’re already eating/not eating is HUGE, and these extras might just help you be even MORE superpowered!

Blue Green Algae: Superstar immune-booster. Basically flavorless and comes in powders, flakes, or frozen. Can be tossed into smoothies without changing the flavor. The TJ’s Very Green Dietary Supplement contains spirulina, a popular blue green algae. But, lots of folks swear by E3 Live.

Chia Seeds: Loaded with antioxidants, essential fatty acids (more than salmon), protein, and fiber, these little guys help keep you energized and help reduce unhealthy cravings. They are easy to digest and don’t need to be ground like flax seeds. Add them to breakfast cereals, muffins, cookies, smoothies, pancakes, anything really!

Maca Root Powder: Helps to balance hormones and battle stress by strengthening the adrenal gland. Has proven helpful in treating fertility, poor libido, and menopause. Can be added to oatmeal, smoothies, or rice dishes.

Raw Cacao: Helps elevate mind and mood, and is skyhigh in antioxidants. It contains theobromine which promotes alertness without the side-effects of caffeine. Add it to smoothies, or use it in baking or for puddings. Find it at your local health food store or check it out online as seen here.

Congrats on all you’ve learned, changed, and become this week. Cheers to energizing food and living life to its fullest! I’d love to hear how you benefited from these 7 days–please share! XOXO

9 thoughts on “Detox Day 7: Superfoods for Superyou!

  1. susandale says:

    thanks for the past week, jen. i am back down to my starting wght to start losing again!
    lost maybe 2 plus pounds. i’m in a ‘last 10 pounds’ mode [ too often forever!] .
    i have always done well to include beans, beans, beans, and max w/ veggies, sm org meat sometimes, and low on grains.
    my hubby lives on pasta, bread and cheese! it can be hard.
    and i enjoy desserts too much, and succumb to my hubby’s diet too often.
    so this was a great week to focus on what i really prefer. ‘my best food choices’ has been what i call it.., not a diet.
    i cheated lots, and grabbed an odwalla drink etc while on the road; they did not do me as good as home made juices. my energy level just collapsed! too sweet! even w/ drinking extra water.., even w/ stopping for health food soup[ too heavy on grains]. i ended up crashing at the gym bar for cashews, peanuts and a banana so i didn’t fall over!
    one meal i substituted a raw lasagna that my husband liked, and i’ve always wanted to make. it was yummy! also had black beans, green beans, hummus, roasted beets at the same meal.
    mostly your week was helpful cuz you ‘okayed’ cheats when and if needed or sought out.
    i kept the veggies and fruits high and organic, juiced daily, and kept the grain slow. had trouble drinking extra fluids. will contiue to work on that.
    also think my chronic joint pain may be better. i think i am getting out of a chair w/ greater ease[ have 67 yr old iffy knees]. so thanks!

      • susandale says:

        Jen, i think your keepin git simple and flex was a big help. i’ve had LOTS of emails for doing a new year’s cleanse that were over the top w/ have-to’s.
        also i like your reminder to think about 1day/wk, or a wkend/month pulling back and focussing on the best choices.
        i’ve known to do that, but the upbeatness you add and share w/ Kris helps to make it a community, fun, and more possible. it feels better to do the good things when they are not ‘shoulds’.., and you are short and sweet about it. also that the remnders and food suggestions are so yummy!

      • Jen Reilly says:

        Glad you’ve had a good experience! To me, life is about enjoying what there IS, not what there ISN’T, and knowing all the while that perfection is the enemy of the good πŸ™‚ Enjoy life and health, and Happy 2012! XOXO Jen

  2. Rina says:

    I have joined the detox! Today was my first full day. I met you last week at a lecture and tried some of the recipes. My kids laughed and enjoyed the green smoothie and green pasta πŸ™‚

    I am taking the detox one step further and limiting TV/computer, except related to the detox or work.

    So far so good. I can’t believe how many fruits and veggies I ate today. I am so full I can barely finish my dinner salad. I am so craving a plate of pasta or just one little Joe Joe. Hopefully, it will be easier tomorrow. Thank you, Jennifer!

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Fantastic, Rina! So great to “see” you here! The first detox day by far is the hardest. It gets easier and your cravings get less, and as you approach Day 5, you realize 7 days isn’t so long afterall πŸ™‚ Keep it up and I look forward to hearing more about your healthy journey! XOXO Jen

  3. Kerry says:

    Hi Jen! I just wanted to let you know that I made it through Day 5 and have been amazed at my energy levels. I have been using your cookbook constantly have eaten mostly vegan since the new year because of it. Thank you so much for these easy and super delicious recipes! I have been losing weight and never feeling full.

  4. Jodie says:

    Day 7 is here! Even got through a work event with plenty of sugar treats on offer and an impromptu dinner at one of my favourite restaurants last night and stuck to vegetables, rice and peppermint tea. Have a function on the weekend and have pre ordered my vegetarian meal & fruit so no choices I may make poorly. I’m going for the whole month of July but adding in seafood. 2.5kgs down and would love 5kgs total. Really is so easy and once I’ve had lunch I am not hungry for the rest of the day. Will start adding some protein into my morning shakes/juices to feel fuller in the morning. Thanks so much for posting this 😊

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Hi Jodie, Sounds like you’ll be able to conquer the world come August! πŸ™‚ Great work — I know it’s not ALL easy, so I’m proud of you! I add plantfusion protein powder to my morning smoothie even during the detox. It keeps me going strong! xo Jen

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