7-Day Detox: Alternate Recipes

Photo by: Green Plate Studios

Photo by: Green Plate Studios

Detoxers! If the recipes look amazing except for that ONE… here a couple substitutes. Easy, and you likely already have the ingredients:


SMOOTHIE:  PUMPKIN SMOOTHIE: Use unsweetened non-dairy milk, and keep the agave (lucky you!)


SALAD:  FULLY LOADED KALE SALADUse rice vinegar as a simple dressing

MAIN DISH:  CHICKPEA RATATOUILLE (or the Cannellini Ratatouille from Skinny Dish! if you have a copy (sans bulgur))

Looking forward to eating and drinking with you all!

7 thoughts on “7-Day Detox: Alternate Recipes

  1. Karen G says:

    I have a confession: I’m a beet hater and not too fond of kale, either. One thing I have already discovered about doing a detox is that it causes an individual to think about new healthy foods and try them. So I promise to try Analiese’s BEET CARROT APPLE smoothie (thanks, Analiese!) and the SPICED RED LENTIL, TOMATO, and KALE SOUP this week.

    Also, one question, can I continue quinoa eating this week?

    Thanks for the great subs.

    Karen G

    • Analiese Brown says:

      Karen, if you really dislike beets, you could always just increase the amount of carrots or apples in the juice. It will still be a super healthy concoction minus the beets. Also, romaine works really well in juices in place of kale. In fact, it has a higher water content so it juices more easily. Just a couple tips to make it a little more palatable for you. Best of luck!

      • Karen G says:

        Hi Analiese!

        Thanks for your suggestions. I’m really going to do this smoothie. I have seen so may recipes out there, plus beets are a winter food (aren’t they?) I need to make your recipe and go forward.
        BTW Your site is really forward thinking, and I like your life philosophy.

        Karen G

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