And….Go! Detox Day 1: Be Mindful, Set Goals

Kale Celery Green Apple Juice

Kale Celery Green Apple Juice

Feeling fantastic already?!?

Hope you got completely sick and tired of gluten yesterday and stocked up on all those raw foods. It’s game day!

To start out Day 1, here’s last year’s video of the Green-Apple Juice in a juicer (ignore my daughter who thinks she’s Inspector Gadget). I prefer this concoction juiced vs. blended, but blending is perfectly wonderful too. If you’re blending and you don’t have a Vitamix or a Blendtec, consider using a food processor for the veggies and apples, and then blending that concoction with the water and ice. It’s likely to slide down easier. And, you can also substitute one of this week’s smoothies for today’s green juice. Surprise!

Juice vs. Blend? What’s the difference and why the extra appliance? Check this quick info by my pal Kris Carr. She talks chlorophyll and alkalinity–it’s worth a read. My juicer is the Jack Lalanne Classic Juicer –a brand new hand-me-down gift, and it works just fine. It costs around $100 if you buy it from their website. Just an FYI. I tend to use my Vitamix daily (green smoothies, soups, hummus, dips), and my juicer weekly. Not saying that’s perfect, just what I do.

So, TODAY. Be mindful of every tea sip and food morsel — believe you me, that morning fruit is going to be the BEST FRUIT you ever ate! This day is by far the hardest, but you can absolutely do it. Don’t forget, however, that you can increase your serving sizes of detox food if you’re feeling like you’re really low on calories (starving, hunger pangs, spacey-ness). Add fresh fruit, raw nuts and seeds, or an avocado for quick, extra energy, and carry those with you just in case. If the detox meal plan is very different from your typical, then Day 1 is going to be a big eye opener. Embrace the change!

And think about your Detox Goals today. What do you want out of this? To ditch sugar cravings, increase veggie cravings, or lose weight? Are you hoping to grow wings and fly by Day 7? Keep me posted!

And finally finally, you should have more energy today than you’re used to. Laugh louder, smile harder, and type more. I want updates in the Comments section.

Green juice cheers!


9 thoughts on “And….Go! Detox Day 1: Be Mindful, Set Goals

  1. Kelly says:

    I am doing the 7-day detox with a friend from work. I made my first ever green juice this morning following your recipe. Thumbs up from our whole household (hubby, 2-year old daughter and me)!

  2. Payal says:

    I loved the juice (mine was a smoothie since it was blended). I absolutely loved the mango summer salad, it was the best tasting salad without salt or any other overpowering taste. Very light and healthy. I forgot to eat the cup of brown rice at lunch, and I am definitely having a caffeine withdrawl (this headache), but I feel great. Thanks Jen!

  3. Karen G says:

    Hi Jen!

    Day 1 is going well despite of having to use “plan B”. I have to sub-out hot lemon and ginger water (I’m using fresh for the detox) because I couldn’t find any cucumbers at Trader Joe’s, and the stuff at my local market didn’t look too good. Maybe I will be able to get some later in the week.

    The Green Apple Juice became a smoothie, as I don’t own a juicer. I have been making my smoothies with a stick blender for awhile, and don’t mind the added “thickness” to it (kind of a “pulp” vrs “no pulp”). It was really tasty (and filling). Don’t know why I have balked at kale for so long. (head smack moment!) I’m sure I will be using it regularly going forward. I did add a scoop of protein powder (I like Plant Fusion Vanilla) because I feel better with the added protein. Plant Fusion is vegan, too.

    I’m not having any hunger issues or cravings yet. I’m OK with that. I’m mindful of my water intake, needing to keep drinking. (goal #1)

    Other detoxers – Are you out there? Part of detoxing with a group is sharing and feed back. If you comment everyday, it holds you accountable, plus you may even pick up on something you didn’t know before. There are alot of RD’s out there who are charging for their service of a detox. Jen is doing this for us for free! (no, I’m not a relative)
    Show Jen some love and write a comment to share with us! (goal #2, comment everyday)

    Thanks for reading,

    Karen G

    (ps ignore the time stamp, it’s 7:20pm for me)

  4. Kelly says:

    Hi Karen!

    Thanks for encouraging us to comment! My day 1 went pretty well. I liked the salad also, although I sub’d strawberries for the mango. The basil was really nice, so I am going to think about adding that to salads more often. I made such a huge salad that I couldn’t eat all my brown rice at lunch, so I finished it with my lentils at dinner instead of quinoa. I did slip up at dinner because my husband asked me to bring home a pizza for him to eat while watching the championship football game and I ate one piece. It was small at least. Tonight I am going to a vegetarian potluck and I am going to try and make choices consistent with the detox. I can only make it to this potluck about once every few months, so I am not going to skip it just because of the detox. Most of the dishes are vegan, so the things I will try to watch out for are oil, sugar and processed stuff. Any tips?

    I have been feeling fine and satisfied, although I had a tiny headache yesterday morning. I have been caffeine-free for over 2 months, so I am wondering if it was from sugar withdrawal?

    I made the carrot-orange-ginger smoothie this morning. I felt like I had to chew it, so maybe I didn’t blend long enough! I can’t wait to get a Vitamix!! I am looking forward to sushi at lunch.

    In good health,

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Amazing, Kelly! A slip-up is normal on the first day. Change and rules are tough! 🙂

      As for the headache, that often happens as more toxins are mobilized from your fat cells and are floating around your bloodstream. Has nothing to do w/ caffeine, but it’s a good thing! That headache meant that the detox is working and you peed them out!

      As for the potluck, how awesome that you can eat a variety of things you didn’t have to prepare! I’m so glad you’re going. Just fill half your plate with raw vegan foods and the other half with cooked vegan foods (if possible), and you’ll be good. Use my “visual vegan party rule”. If it looks vegan (no obvious cheese, etc.), you’re good to go!

      Thanks for writing and yes, get that Vitamix stat!


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