Detox Day 2: Groovin’ Along, My Day 1, and Juice Pulp Crackers

Ladies of the Lettuce and Gentlemen of the Greens! Ah, it’s Day 2.

How did you sleep last night with less caffeine and more delicious water during the day? Better, I hope. And your willpower and “groovin’ it” mentality are improving, right? Hurrah.

For a fun read, check out last year’s Day 2 post on Why Detox, and Why SO MUCH Raw.

So here was my Day 1. I veer from the exact plan and make meals based on the guidelines. You can too!:

Water with cayenne
Peppermint tea
Green juice (kale, celery, green apple)
Cucumber white tea (mild caffeine)

LUNCH (STARVING!!! Didn’t have time for morning fruit)
Dried green beans
Organic mixed green salad
1/4 cup raw almonds
1/2 block tempeh
rice vinegar, salt, olive oil dressing
Lots of water

Bell peppers
Juice pulp crackers (recipe below)
Peppermint tea
More green juice (in hopes of arresting the mild headache)

Lots and lots of sauteed Brussels sprouts
(olive oil, garlic powder, sea salt)
1/2 cup cooked lentils
Raw celery
Rice cake with raw almond butter
2 large glasses water

Apple slices
Chamomile tea

Crashed out at 10pm.

Juice Pulp Crackers

Juice Pulp Crackers

Now, if you juiced yesterday, chances are you had a whole lot of weird vegetable waste. Nothing pains me more than throwing out anything even remotely resembling vegetables. In the past, I’ve tossed that into the garden, saved it in the freezer (and later tossed it in the garden), and one time I had a tremendously horrible experience turning it into crackers.

Yesterday, however, because one of the Detox benefits is that you develop a superhuman chef sense, I SUCCESSFULLY made juice pulp crackers. The recipe:

Pulp Crax
1 cup juice pulp, stems & other large chunks discarded
1/4 cup flaxseed meal
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1 Tablespoon raw sesame seeds
1/2 cup water

Combine all ingredients and then smoosh out onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake at 200 degrees for 4-6 hours with oven door opened a crack. (Or put in your food dehydrator for 4-6 hours).

Surprisingly good! Surprisingly UNBELIEVABLY good dipped in hummus.

Keep up the fun and enthusiasm, and let me know how you’re doing! xoxo

8 thoughts on “Detox Day 2: Groovin’ Along, My Day 1, and Juice Pulp Crackers

  1. Geraldine Fehst says:

    OK, things are going easier than expected, largely because of the delicious matcha tea latte to sub for caffeine. I feared the headache, but it is much milder than last time I tried a detox sans caffeine. So thanks for that. Question: are dates and/or raisins allowed on the detox since they are both so loaded with (natural) sugar?


    • Jen Reilly says:

      Great update and great to hear from you, Gerri! Dried fruit isn’t really a go-to detox food because it’s so high in sugar. But, if you’re going to explode without something sweet, have a date — Hopefully the craving will subside soon after 🙂 – Jen

  2. Karen G says:

    Hi Everyone!

    I started off with a large hot water, fresh lemon and ginger drink.
    I liked yesterday’s green juice enough that I repeated it for today’s breakfast, with a few changes:
    I added MORE kale, added one scoop of Plant Fusion protein powder, added 1 T chia seeds, used one apple and one pear (I WAS the kale hater, but this smoothie has converted me). I definitely will keep this in my rotation going forward.

    Lunch was (way) later because I was satisfied from the green smoothie. I saw that Jen had brussels sprouts yesterday and thought they sounded good for lunch. I “cheated” and used frozen, “steamer in the bag” type, to save time. In the past, I would have drenched them in real butter. Today I followed Jen’s lead and dribbled EVOO, Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning, and a little sea salt. Very tasty, plus I discovered that the entire bag had 12 g protein total, 320 calories, 12 g fat (from the EVOO). This was a great lunch for me. I will also eat this again in the future.

    I was really craving butter earlier, but it faded after eating the brussels sprouts. Probably because I proved to myself that I can eat them with out the tons of butter, and they still tasted really good…and I’m missing cheese. Cheese sticks are a go-to snack in my house, and I like mac and cheese once in awhile. I will usually keep one Amy’s mac and cheese in the freezer, but I had bought the gluten free version by mistake , not the cheese-free, gluten-free Daiya version, so I’ll save it for later.

    Late dinner will be a TJ’s salad that I have to eat before it goes bad, and maybe some rice crackers for extra crunch.

    Other than a slight afternoon headache, I feel really good, happy to make new healthy food discoveries that I can use for every day. If you had asked me about doing a detox a year ago, I would have told to I couldn’t have survived it. (yuck! too may veggies, not enough calories).

    Thanks again Jen, for hosting.

    Karen G

  3. Kelly says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Middle of day 3 and everything is going great. I went to the potluck last night and was able to fill 75% of my plate with raw salads and then had some quinoa salad and garbanzo bean salad. I did have a very small piece of seitan “chicken” because I have never had that before and wanted to try it. Overall, I would say day 2 was a success. I really enjoyed the sushi at lunch. I usually avoid veggie sushi because I “don’t like” avocado, but when combined with the other flavors it gives a nice creamy texture. I won’t be avoiding it any more! The Shamrock smoothie was a hit this morning. I liked it and so did hubby and our 2-year old daughter. I have a great picture of her with bed head and a green smoothie mustache! 🙂 I put some basil in my lunch salad today and am using Bragg’s Braggberry dressing. Feeling really good about the variety of fruits and veggies I’m eating – 15 different ones so far today!

    Have a great day everyone!

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