Detox Day 3: The Skin in the Skinny

Morning, Sunshines! We’re almost at the hump, folks! Enter, Day 3. Howzit going?

Speaking of, anyone have pimples? If so, congrats! Another wonderful sign that your body is getting rid of toxins. Woo hoo!

Your skin will be amazingly healthier by the end of the week, but may be extra dry or oily at this point. One fantastic outer body detox thing to get in the habit of doing now, is DRY BRUSHING. Read all about it here. Before you get in the shower, use a coarse ‘dry brush’ to slough off the dead cells that are clogging your pores and keeping toxins in. Your skin will be softer and much healthier after each shower, and it’s also a great way to get rid of cellulite. Here’s a video that helped me learn how. It may not be Oscar-winning material, but it’s better than I could do!:

The fun never ends, does it?! Enjoy every sip of the green smoothie today. One of my all-time faves!!

4 thoughts on “Detox Day 3: The Skin in the Skinny

  1. Karen G says:

    Hi Everyone!

    Alas, I am acne-free…I haven’t dry brushed, but I do body scrubs 1 or 2 times a week to get that old layer of skin off.

    Last night and today have been interesting for me. I had planned to eat a TJ’s salad for my dinner, I was still satisfied at 7 pm so, I skipped it… And of course, by 9 pm I was wanting something sweet and crunchy. I decided on apple slices and raw almond butter, which is on the OK list, except I ended up having 2 apples and probably 1 half cup (!!!) of the raw almond butter. I’m going to rationalize that my body REALLY needed those nutrients from the almond butter, as I usually don’t chow down on that much nut butter at one time. I slept really well…..

    Today I attempted Annaliese’s beet recipe, except I had a few problems….It’s supposed to be a juicer recipe. Since I don’t have a juicer, I had to modify it; first mixed in the blender, then had to transfer it to the stick blender to further liquify it better. While it looked really colorful, it didn’t taste “Wow!”….Checked the recipe, I forgot to add the kale and apple. It made so much initially, that I added the left out kale and apple to the leftover-bottom-of-the blender-stuff in order to get every last drop of veggie goodness…..I will try this again, making sure I get all the ingredients right.

    Tonight I will definitely eat that TJ’s salad, along with some hummus and gluten free rice crackers.

    Hope you all are having good days!

    Karen G

    • Jen Reilly says:

      To be honest, beets–and their consequential red dye–scare me a bit. I LOVE them, just haven’t ever juiced or prepared them from scratch myself (the TJ’s boiled ones are regular offenders in our house). Sounds like a detox project of my own! Glad things continue to go well. – Jen

      • Geraldine Fehst says:

        Jen – quick question: are raisins and/or dates allowed on the detox — I am thinking of putting some golden raisins into my brown rice, but should I?

        I also must add that I spoke too soon about not having much of a headache. I had the knife in the back of the head variety you described before we began. The pain lasted about 24 hours. But I haven’t quit yet detoxing yet, nor have I had any caffeine, and I am not tired. In fact, I got up early and did not one but two exercise classes before work today.


      • Jen Reilly says:

        Hey Gerri! Part of the headache could be the actual detox itself, but it should pass! I wrote a quick response about the raisins/dates earlier — probably easy to miss!: Dried fruit isn’t really a go-to detox food because it’s so high in sugar. But, if you’re going to explode without something sweet, have a date — Hopefully the craving will subside soon after 🙂 -Jen

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