Detox Day 2: A Simple Sample Detox Day

Green Machines!: Believe it or not, the worst part is over! Day 1 Survival is a REAL accomplishment, especially around the hours of 9 and 10pm…. CONGRATS! Even if you went off-course a tad yesterday, steer yourself back on that gravel mountain path. You can still do this!

So, for Day 2, I thought I’d post for you MY Day 1. Use this is a guide for upcoming days when you don’t feel like tackling another new recipe or if you’re rushed with food prep. A couple disclaimers before you see how the dietitian detoxed yesterday: 1). I’m 5 months pregnant with baby #4, thus the AM avocado, 2). I fought a nasty stomach bug this past weekend and wasn’t able to shop for all the ingredients I wanted, and 3). While juggling Day 1, I was taking care of my 4 year-old (the one with type 1 diabetes) who got the aforementioned nasty stomach bug, which involved doing TEN loads of laundry—thankfully, I don’t work on Mondays! So, believe me, I know how hard all this food prep/ detox concentration can be in a busy world. Hoping to get to the store after work today!

Photo by: The Press Democrat

Photo by: The Press Democrat

Simple Sample Detox Day
(Filtered water throughout)

Upon waking
Water with lemon (skipped the cayenne for fear of going into early labor)
Peppermint tea

1 Hour Later
Green Juice: 2 organic cucumbers, 6 leaves lacinato kale (pictured, and my favorite to juice with), 1 large green apple, 1/2 lemon (peeled)

1 avocado with a touch of iodized sea salt
1 orange (not organic)

Giant (HUGE!) green salad with: mixed greens, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 block cubed tempeh (uncooked, rich in gut-healthy probiotics), 1 tomato, shredded carrots, raw pumpkin seeds, 1 cucumber, and dressing of rice vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and iodized sea salt

Hummus (lots) with celery and baby carrots (lots of those too)

2 rice cakes with raw almond butter
1 large honeycrisp apple
Leftover green juice from the morning

2 large bowls of “Refrigerator Soup”: water, vegetable bouillon, organic frozen mixed veggies, red potatoes, garbanzo beans, dash of thyme, oregano, salt, and pepper
10 rice crackers

Later Evening
Large handful raw almonds
Chamomile tea

Enjoy Day 2 and the new and improving you. One of my FAVORITE recipes is for dinner tonight: Carrot Ginger Soup. Perfect for a record low temperature day! xoxo

2 thoughts on “Detox Day 2: A Simple Sample Detox Day

  1. Jen says:

    Loved the carrot, ginger soup! That’s going to be a new staple in my house. Thank you! Question – what are your thoughts on avocado in general for the de-tox (for the non-pregnant detoxers)? We have a couple of beautifully ripe avocados, which is rare this time of year, and I plan on digging in… I’d love to do so guilt-free! And bananas? Can I use them in my smoothies? Raisins and other dried fruit I’m assuming are not recommended, correct? And peanuts? Thanks!

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Hey Jen! Avocados have a lot of detox qualities (the fat, a specific liver detoxifier, etc), so eat up! Raisins and dried fruit are ok if you’re having a sweet craving, but since they’re so high in quick-hitting sugar, they’re not detox-ideal. Peanuts are fine although they don’t have as many vitamins as many other nuts/seeds and often contain aflatoxins (carcinogens) in their raw form. That’s why the other nuts/seeds are in the detox. I ate peanut butter yesterday 😉 Hugs!! Jen

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