Detox Day 1: The Green Juice Formula

Happy Day 1, Detoxers! How was that cayenne pepper water this morning?!? I bet you’re already feeling like you can move mountains, right?

As you jump into Day 1, I wanted to jump into a couple quick and easy juicing tips. Here’s last year’s Day 1 post where you can see my Green Apple Juice-making video from a few years back, and also learn about juicing vs. blending. In addition this year, I wanted to throw you Kris Carr’s Green Juice Formula pictoral (click on it for a bigger brighter view). It sums up juice recipes so beautifully.

Formula by Kris Carr

Formula by Kris Carr

Now put on your lab coat and create some winning juice combos. Let us know which ones you love! And for a great juicing and smoothie e-guide, check out this one. See you tomorrow! xoxo

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