Grab Your Garbanzos! 7-Day Detox Starts on Monday!

Detox Begins!Calling all ladies of the lettuce and men of the maca! Join us as we celebrate 2014 by saying good riddance to the lingering goo of 2013 and hello to more energy, clarity, and green supremacy in the New Year. The Skinny Dish 7-Day Detox will start—rain or shine—on Monday, January 6th. Make room in your fridge, stock up using the shopping list, and warm up your Vitamix. It’s time give your body a real party!

Look forward to new quick recipes, tips, and a long-term plan that will keep you detoxified all year long. See you Monday! xoxo

10 thoughts on “Grab Your Garbanzos! 7-Day Detox Starts on Monday!

  1. Michael says:

    Dear Jen:  I wonder about a woman who is  expecting to be on a detox/???  I hope this is good for you and worry about you maintaining enough calories….As for me, not sure if this is a good idea while in Mexico.  I eat much less here anyway  than in DC.  Usually a fruit, ice, oatmeal shake in the morning,  a sandwich for lunch or less, and then a small dinner (usually).  There is less snacking and sitting around so I tend to lose the “baby” fat.  Also, I’m in the gym everyday but must be careful not to aggravate my muscle/nerve problem which has been partially diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome…  Rafy and Stefan (and me later), want to get rid of a lot of fat which is hanging around (literally) for the new year.  We are all up for zumba, or some crazy basic training plan which I see on the infomercials and which is very inspiring.  One of them is called “Insanity”.  You may have seen it.  It shows dumpy people who in only 6 weeks transform themselves into Samson (minus the Dalilah).  They usually only show people who are under 50, maybe more, but usually younger.  Still, we are young older people who can do a great deal with a little help…. Perhaps you can devise a plan for Stefan and Rafy??  Notice I have omitted myself for the time being…Hope you are feeling swell.  See you on Skype soon.  Love, Mike  

    • Jen Reilly says:

      I’m doing the “expecting” detox, not to worry. Happy to help Rafy & Stefan. A lot of times abdominal fat is due to too many simple carbs. We’ll talk more later — enjoy Mexico! XOXO

  2. Anita Annafi says:

    I can only say: “This was meant to be!!!”…was browsing detox plans and came across your site, a day befor the start : ) So, i’m on board. I plan on shopping tomorrow afternoon!
    I am typically a healthy eater, however after turning 40 (42 now) I experienced some menstral health issues that really knocked me off my feet. Anyway, I have been struggling to get back to the ultra-healthy me and i’m ready!!!

    • Tim says:

      Funny, I was the opposite; we’ve had Jen’s cookbook for a while, and I decided to do the detox starting last Sunday. And wouldn’t you know, halfway through I see this announcement. 🙂 So I’m sitting back and just watching the posts this week, and getting ideas for next time, because two weeks of detoxing in a row isn’t quite for me yet. Good luck!

      • Jen Reilly says:

        You’re just one of those accelerated students, Tim! Hope it went well for you, and if you have any pros/cons you want to share here, please do! xoxo

      • Tim says:

        In my case, I noticed I was just generally hungry, and a little irritable, for the first couple of days. Then I broke down and had some TJ’s dipping corn chips (I figured they were okay, being gluten-free, no added sugar, and only a few ingredients) and salsa and was perfectly fine for the rest of the week. I did cheat slightly and have a glass (okay, two glasses) of wine on New Years Eve.

        But once I’d made a few recipes from your book so I had leftovers in the fridge, things went well as I stayed on auto-pilot. It’s certainly the longest I’ve ever been without gluten or dairy. 🙂 I’m trying to keep that part going, at least; lunch today was brown rice pasta with your Pressure’s On Pasta sauce, and I already have a Shamrock Smoothie almost every morning. I’m not detoxing, but will be trying to cut back on wheat, dairy, and sweets going forward.

      • Jen Reilly says:

        Awesome! The first 2 days are by far the worst. Partly because your body is saying “what is THIS?!?” when it’s used to something else. Glad you pushed through, and glad you veered off course for New Year’s! I’m impressed that you detoxed during that week at all. Hope you can keep up some of the momentum as long as possible!

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