Detox Day 2: Why Detox, and Why is Raw So Great Anyway?

Photo by: The Sean + Lauren Spectacular

Standing Ovation for the Day 1 Survivors! Now it’s easy PEASy from here, starting with Day 2. So… tell me your Highs and Lows of Day 1 and I’ll tell you mine. Ok, I’ll just tell you mine. (But you can still tell me yours…)

Highs: 1) Surviving a coffee-free AM, and actually kind of liking it. 2) Never feeling low on energy, hungry, or like a space cadet as I always expect is going to happen when I detox. Quite the contrary this time around–I multitasked like I had taken that drug in Limitless in the AM, staying calm and thoughtful all the while, and I actually got my son to preschool on time for the first time in forever. 3) Spending more quality time with my kids as I sipped my 20 cups of herbal tea. That urge to cram a chore into every second of my day had miraculously lifted, and yet I was still highly productive. This Detox is like magic! 4) Seeing snow for the first time this season. Pretty sure the Detox was responsible.

Lows: 1) Not being able to finish/ tossing out my kids’ breakfasts (DELICIOUS gluten-heavy pumpkin shortcakes I made last week). 2) A mild headache that hit around dinner time, but annoying enough that loud noise made me cover my ears. 3) Skipping dessert–I love me a little dark chocolate after dinner. And while I know a little won’t hinder the detox, I kind of like going a week without, just to prove to myself that it’s not an addiction 🙂

Which brings me to an important question that goes something like this: Wait a sec, why ARE we detoxing? I don’t know about you, but I eat preeettty stinkin’ well. WELL, I’ve just posted all about it on the Cooking with Trader Joe’s blog. My favorite reason is that it helps you say sayonara to unhealthy food cravings. Who’s not ready to be able to drive BY rather than drive thru a Popeye’s?

And then there’s this other question that’s such a curious thing. Why so much raw stuff? How come foods have to be mostly raw on a detox? The answer is simple: more digestive enzymes, more water-soluble vitamins (C, and B’s mostly), easier digestibility to encourage the detox process, and a faster resting metabolism (thus encouraging the disappearance of love handles). Cooked foods actually have advantages too, which is why a combo of both over the long-term is ideal. Read all about it in a previous post here.

Keep sharing questions, breakthroughs, feedback, etc., and keep feeling joy in the healthy being you’re restoring! Happy Day 2! XOXO

3 thoughts on “Detox Day 2: Why Detox, and Why is Raw So Great Anyway?

  1. April Bride says:

    I started Day 1 today having found this a little late, but I wanted to share my highs and lows for Day 1 since I’m almost done with the day anyway. I have not eaten meat or poultry in 20 years and eat little dairy (cheese), and typically GF, but tend to overeat a lot of crap that still fits these guidelines at the expense of fruits and veggies (a bag of corn tortilla chips in just a few days time, a box of GF cookies in a day or two, two servings of GF cereal in one sitting before bed, etc . . . ). Then the holiday season was like open season for me with refined sugars and dairy (gourmet cheese)! I was more than happy and more than ready to start this detox. And, this is exactly how I used to eat as a lifestyle for five year period until I really let things slip . . . and here I am about 25 pounds heavier. Anyway . . .

    Day 1 Highs: 1) Having more servings of fruits and veggies in my lunch (yummy Mango salad!!!) than I typically do in one day–that was very eye-opening for me to say the least; 2) Discovering that I love fresh mango–I’ve only had it dried before, never fresh, and I didn’t like it dried; 3) Getting through my strength-training workout 100% “plantstrong”; 4) Feeling like I CAN DO THIS as a lifestyle change and not just a seven-day detox.

    Day 1 Lows: 1) Missing my morning coffee and caving in around 11AM for it (with my coconut milk creamer and Stevia); 2) Not remembering to bring my morning snack of strawberries with me and having to run home for it–need to plan better; 3) Skipping certain veggies because I strongly dislike them (cucumber in my mango salad) or eating less than a serving size (broccoli with dinner)–I want to do better with this; 4) Consistently not feeling full throughout the day. I think this may have to do with eating less protein then I’m used to, as I typically eat egg whites for breakfast and have a mahi mahi “burger” or shrimp or just another high-protein food at night. I am someone who feels best and most energenic with a lot of protein.

    Anyway, I’m stoked for Day 2!

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Fantastic, April! So glad you’ve joined in! I do agree that the coffee is the hardest. Each morning during a detox, I make some for my husband and watch him drink it. It’s torture! But once i get past the beginning of the AM, I’m fine. While you’re trying the detox, you may go for green, white, or black tea for your AM caffeine (if you think you’ll need the caffeine). Caffeine-withdrawal is a total bear, and it sounds like the healthier foods on the detox will be a huge and wonderful change as it is. Just a thought. Also, for more protein, you may try a half-block of tempeh cubed on a salad with some kind of tahini-based creamy dressing. That fills me up and is a nice whop of digestion-friendly protein… chock full of natural probiotics too. Keep it up and I look forward to hearing how your short-term and long-term changes go! XOXO Jen

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