The Delish and Healthyish Podcast is Here!

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Grab your earbuds, folks! My pal Corinne and I finally decided to hop on the microphone in order to share our crazy convos with the world. We’ve got 7 kids between us ages 1-12 and man have we seen the spectrum of glorious wins and disastrous fails while trying to feed our kids healthy food!

In our first 3 episodes, we chat about our nutty fams, our top 3 family meal planning tips, summer food, the ice cream truck, the Aldi shopping experience, car travel with kids, and keeping kids hydrated during sweaty summer months. Take a listen and let us know what you think!

We’re on iTunes and SoundCloud

Plus, here are episodes 2 and 3!

Oh, and because we’re newbie podcasters and can’t figure out how the pros put info in their “show notes,” here are the links to the awesome water bottles and mini muffin tins we chat about in Episode 1:

Water bottle set for the whole family. Revolutionary!
Set of two 24 mini muffin tins. Pure genius.

And check us out on Instagram to see our day-to-day tips and hot-off-the-press laughs.

In spilled smoothies and making all-gones with our cucumbers,

Jen & Corinne




3 thoughts on “The Delish and Healthyish Podcast is Here!

  1. BD Hubs says:

    Great podcast, ladies! I believe the Mel Gibson/alien movie Corinne references is Signs, the pretty terrible (IMO) M. Night Shyamalan follow up to The Sixth Sense.

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