Feeding Picky Kids: Tips and a New Podcast

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Before having kids, I was an expert dietitian on feeding picky kids… or at least I thought I was! “Keep trying, offer them ONLY healthy things and they’ll have no choice but to eat the good stuff, they just WON’T go hungry, and all kids eventually love asparagus…” Did I really say all that? Thank gosh the universe gave me 4 kids to put me in my place. For real.

Check out this week’s Healthyish podcast episode on Feeding Picky Kids (Episode 4) where Corinne and I share our picky kid tips for making it through the meal without eyebrow-smeared peas and half the meal shoved under the chair cushions. Plus, Corinne talks about her love affair with her new monster mini muffin tin found here which may revolutionize baking in your household.

We share tips on leading by example, deconstructing meals for the whole fam, offering multiple veggies, and keeping healthy alternatives on hand for when you just have to give in. Here’s one more tip for feeding dinner to picky kids that we didn’t mention on the podcast, and it’s actually one of my favorites!:

No Food After 3:01 PM

Yes, they’re hungry and cranky, so feed them at 3PM, but no later. That 3PM snack can be crackers, cheese, hummus, a granola bar, whatever, but it must be done by 3:01. Do whatever you can to distract them, just drink liquids, or maybe chow on some apple slices or grapes between 3:01 and 6:00 so that they actually show up to the table in need of calories. Doesn’t everything taste better when you’re starving? I didn’t eat lunch until 2PM today and I couldn’t be bothered to heat it up, so I had cold veggie chili. I kid you not, the best meal I’ve eaten in my whole life. See?

Share your favorite picky kid tips in the comments below and let us know what you want to hear in future episodes!

In deconstructed cherry tomatoes,

Jen & Corinne

6 thoughts on “Feeding Picky Kids: Tips and a New Podcast

  1. Susan Lobel says:

    very fun, I just discovered a great gluten free recipe, Jen. I calcalculated 6-7 grams carbs per mini muffin. Should I send the recipe? we’ll be in touch. XO Susan Lobel

      • environmentalandnutritionalcoachingforparrots says:

        Ok, my dear, here goes. a.: 2 cups flour (I use bob’s red mill all purpose baking flour as it has a lot of bean flour in it. 2 b. 1/2 sugar (I use that DELICIOUS swerve you recommended!). c. 1 table spn baking powder. d. 1/2 teas baking soda e. 1/2 teas salt. e. 1/4 teas cinneman.whisk all dry ingredients. Then in another bowl, whisk together 1 cup milk (I love almond milk), 1/2 cup oil, & 2 eggs. pre heat oven to 425 degrees,,and pour wet ingredients into the well of the dry ingredients. Gently fold dry into wet. bake for 5 minutes at 425 degrees, then change to 375 degrees. continue baking for 15-20 minutes until tooth pick clean. Let cool 5 minutes, then turn pan sideways till room temperature (about 20 minutes) makes 24 mini muffins. I would really appreciate it if you can give me some ideas how to veganize this recipe and keep its lovely consistency,,,XO! Sue

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